Ready for tailgating? Football season is almost here. Get your tailgating or homegating needs from the Coleman Collection. AD #TailgatingWithColeman

Tailgating or Homegating This Fall With Coleman

Tailgating or Homegating This Fall With Coleman

Ready for tailgating? Football season is almost here. Get your tailgating or homegating needs from the Coleman Collection. #TailgatingWithColeman


Tailgating or Homegating

This Fall With Coleman


Are you ready for football? We can’t wait to hit the Friday night lights when our alma mater plays. It’s such a fun time gathering around and tailgating with old friends and cheering on our favorite high school team.

We thought we’d give our new Coleman products a trial run with a preseason kick-off and a little homegating to get us in the mood. Walmart has an entire Coleman collection. You can find things in the store, but there is even more available online. You can have your Coleman products delivered to your home or pick them up in-store and SAVE!



Coleman 4-in-1 Mosaic Table

We ordered the Coleman 4-in-1 Mosaic Table and the Coleman Party Ball. It was easy to run through our local Walmart and pick these up. I could even text the store when I arrived, so they could get my packages ready for me. How easy is that? I love anything that saves me time.

We love the Coleman 4-in-1 Mosaic Table. It has a thoughtful and well-planned design. It is compact to carry and store, and all of its pieces snap inside the closed table. There is even a handle. The table consists of two tables that you can configure in a multitude of ways — two side tables, one square table, one long table. The table also features adjustable legs for differing heights and adjustable feet for stability, awesome. You could even make a two-level table for serving. Strong, sturdy, stable.

Watch this video on how easy the table is to set-up, tear-down, and configure.


Coleman Party Ball – Charcoal Grill

The Coleman Party Ball is a small charcoal grill that features foldable legs, lid latches, and a handle for transport. The grill has a removable charcoal tray for easy clean out of ashes. The lantern shaped draft holes are pretty cute. We easily fit four hamburgers on the grill, and we had to toast our buns in two batches. The Party Ball is great for on-the-go.

All in all, we had a fun time with our homegate. We had some great food and even laughed it up with some crazy antics. So, whether tailgating at the game with friends or homegating in the backyard with family, Coleman is there to help you enjoy the outdoors!

Get ready for your Fall tailgate with the Coleman Collection and get your discount when you pick-up in the store.

Happy Tailgating!







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22 thoughts on “Tailgating or Homegating This Fall With Coleman”

  1. I love the mosaic table and how easy it is to put together and take apart. We grill all year long here so I know we will be hosting some home-gating parties utilizing the grill. Coleman makes THE BEST products!

  2. We have a little grill just like that and we always bring it when we tailgate at Patriots games. It works great and makes it so much easier to tailgate.

  3. I have never seen a table like that from Coleman! I love Coleman products they hold up forever, we use them tailgating, camping, and traveling all the time.

  4. I love the term homegating! We do that for games. We have friends over, grill, and watch the games. So fun!

  5. This is just awesome, pretty sure we will use these tips for the boys’ birthday party in September. We will be entertaining some family and friends for their birthday and I do love the Coleman brand!

  6. Coleman is always a good reliable brand we trust. I love the shop online pickup in store thing! It’s my favorite way to shop online! The mosaic table is quite versatile and easy to use! I think we need one!

  7. Coleman, I always think of coolers when I see the name. I love that small grill. I’m going to check it out. It would make a great tailgating gift for my brother. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Not sure if we are going to be doing any tailgating this year for the UT games, but my husband really wants to go camping so this would be a good idea for him to take with him (I’m not a camper) but also to use on our back deck this fall. #HomeMattersParty

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