Sports Button Ribbon Display - DIY
Make an easy and attractive way to display your kid's sports buttons.
Type: DIY Project
  • Ribbon (I used about 5 feet of navy colored 1-1/2 inch Grosgrain Ribbon)
  • 2 Push Pins
  • Your collection of Sports Buttons
  1. Hold one end of the ribbon
  2. Fold the ribbon to make a circle (this will be the bow part at the top of the Button Ribbon - mine is about 4-1/4 to 5 inches wide)
  3. Overlap the ribbon end about an inch
  4. Hold ribbon with overlapped area in the middle
  5. Grab the front middle part of the ribbon and hold it with the overlapped area.
  6. Fold the ribbon tail at an angle, so it goes straight down from the bow
  7. Wrap the tail around the center of the bow
  8. The ribbon tail should come over the top of the bow and hang down the front
  9. Use Push Pins to hang on wall
  10. Cut bottom of ribbon tail into a "V" shape with two points.
  11. Attach Sports Buttons as you collect them
Recipe by Life With Lorelai at