Happy 18th Birthday, Rory!

Rory - Newborn Photo - 7-6-95
Rory – Newborn Photo – 7-6-95

The Life and Times of Lorelai “Rory” Leigh…

18-months, 3-years old – preschool, 8-years old – Dancing with her Godmother.

11-years old – Rory was the star of the Christmas Play in 2006 –

as Norma Gene, Sassiest Angel in Heaven!

Rory has spent a multitude of time in the hospital.

Play-doh Snowball Fight in the hospital garden, and her 13th Birthday.

A little Web-Cam fun…

15-years old – 1st day of Sophomore year; the Sadie Hawkins Dance with Dean.

Rory went to her first ever Summer Camp at The Painted Turtle. We had never spent a night apart. It was a wonderful experience for the both of us. (The Painted Turtle is a camp created by Paul Newman where children with medical issues can experience normal-life activities, like horseback riding, swimming, and everything else that goes along with summer camp. It is truly an amazing place!)

Rory – 16-years old.

1st day of Junior year; Dressed up as Tonks, from Harry Potter, for the midnight premier of the last HP movie; Rory finds a boyfriend at Sugar Plum Boutique; and at Disneyland with her life-long best friend, Paris.

Rory, 17-years old, ready for Senior Prom (in a free dress she was given and that I made a detachable asymmetrical attachment for), and a new hair cut for Graduation.

Time to Graduate High School…

Rory and Lane – High School Graduates, Class of 2013!

Happy 18th Birthday, Ladybug!

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