Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas + HM #177

It’s spring and it’s National Cleaning Week, so we have some fantastic spring cleaning tips and ideas to help you get your home looking its best. Plus link up at Home Matters with recipes, DIY, crafts, decor. #SpringCleaningTips #NationalCleaningWeek #HomeMattersParty

Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas + HM #177

I love the feeling of a fresh clean house. It is more relaxing and enjoyable. Having a clean house makes me more productive and organized in every part of my life. And that means our family functions better. So, I like finding new and different spring cleaning tips and ideas.

The gals of Home Matters have put together a fabulous Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas Roundup. We hope you will find some things that will work for you as you tackle this annual cleaning event. Enjoy!


Bullet Journal + Spring Cleaning from Megan @ Page Flutter


10 Spring Cleaning Tricks: Work Smarter Not Harder from Courtenay @ The Creek Line House


Make Your Furniture A Reflection Of You from Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai


7 AMazing DIY Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like Spring from Silas & Grace @ Chasing Foxes


Spring Cleaning Tips and Ideas Blog Hop

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A Home Matters Themed Roundup

Last Week’s Theme: Easter Celebrations and Decorations

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Hand Lettering Caligraphy Free Practice Sheets from Claire @ Heart Handmade

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Oh, H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks!

Oh, What A Week!

I have to apologize for the week-long hiatus from posting on Life With Lorelai, but life, technology, and the weather completely took its toll on me this past week. Allow me to sum up:

Monday: Facebook “temporarily blocked” my account and deleted all of my posts – had to create a new account; Met with new lawyer – it went great; Ran from that meeting across the county to meet with the Public Health Nurse to get help in filling out some forms for Rory’s SSI – went well; Came home spent 3-1/2 hours filling out the SSI paperwork; Called and Texted Christopher about cancelling mediation as its no longer needed – he wouldn’t respond; mailed SSI paperwork; Spent hours trying to get Facebook up and running again.

Tuesday: Discovered I had a LOT of things to do to repair damage done by facebook blocking – still not finished; Called and Texted Christopher again – no response; Took Rory out clothes shopping for school – thank goodness for gift cards and birthday money; Christopher finally calls and doesn’t want to cancel mediation (maybe he wants Rory to live with him…HA! She’s 18, it doesn’t matter what he MAY want.) – He’s going to call an attorney and check on it; Rory was very upset about Christopher’s phony pretense of caring – needed to spend time cheering her up; Summer finally arrived with a vengeance! 85-90 degree weather is NOT normal for summer in Huntington Beach – YUCK!; Christopher calls back late and says he’ll cancel mediation tomorrow – it’s about time he got a clue; Taco Tuesday was so crowded we had to wait 30-40 minutes for a table and then got the waitress we don’t care for – oh well, the tacos were yummy.

Wednesday: School started for Rory; Received a call from Rory’s home teacher saying that one of the people in the district office is creating waves and wants to meet with us regarding Rory’s schooling and her IEP – we have an IEP in place that isn’t due for review until December. We will meet tomorrow to discuss this issue; Christopher cancelled mediation – called my attorney to let him know and have him check with the court to be sure it was cancelled; Go to the Federal Court house to meet Christopher for a free clinic we needed – yuck, yuck, and yuck. And on top of that, Christopher didn’t bring the paperwork he was supposed to bring. Even the attorney rolled his eyes; Deal with Medical Insurance paperwork; Weather still blistering!

Thursday: Wake up early to hopefully get more work done on fixing Facebook issue, and write a blog post before the scheduled power outage from 8am – 5pm today (did I mention the heat? A/C please!); Open internet, get a VIRUS – Obama’s angry face with an outstretched arm pointing a long finger at me. – Wow, did it do a number on my computer. It completely knocked me off the internet; Power went out; Called my antivirus protection who said it would cost $165 for the 1st hour and $35 for every 15 minutes thereafter for someone to come out and fix it; Called my bank to have them watch for suspicious activity; went to the bank to get a new debit/credit card; had Rory and Kirk call the bank about their accounts; went to Staples to see what they could do about the virus; Rory and I went to Target and walked around in the air conditioning dreaming in the housewares department, and then over to Luke’s to hang out with electricity; Rory talked with her friend, Marty, who’s at Baylor University – he helped me get rid of the virus, fairly easily and without loosing any of my files…yeah! – Need to update and reload some program things, easy but time consuming; attorney called me – mediation is cancelled.

Friday: Met with the medical home teacher – district lady coming to the house to meet with us next week; Rory had school on campus; Rory had a Freshmen Connect event with the college group that I had to drive her to and from; still super HOT!

Saturday: The Great Labor Day Cruise Car Show at the Orange County Fair Grounds – Luke, Rory and I went. Fun day, but wowzers hot!!!; BBQ at Luke’s with Sukie and Jackson.

Sunday: Still hot, but slightly cooler; Finished my Guest Blog posts that were due today; Went to the Orange International Street Fair with Luke’s nephew Jess and his girlfriend – tons of fun.

Monday: Brunch with Luke’s family; weather is still warm, but MUCH cooler; bike ride this afternoon – yippee!

Well now…that’s a week, huh?!

Thursday while Rory and I were dreaming at Target, we strolled down the candle aisle and had a little Cheap Aroma Therapy! We had so much fun. We stood there smelling all the different candles. Rory’s favorite candle scent was the Waterfall-Marine Breeze-Canyon Mist, and I couldn’t decide between the Vanilla Cupcake or the Lemon Macaroon. We both agreed there was DEFINITELY a reason for the Bamboo Sugar Cane-Wild Bamboo-Palm Tree candle to be on clearance. Blech! Was that ever disgusting.

Here we are at a brand new week…and boy, oh boy, are we looking forward to an awesomely incredible week! Tee Hee…it won’t take much to make it feel like that after the disaster of last week. I hope all of you have a wonderful week too.

How was your week?

What are you looking forward to this week?

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