Halloween Candy Display Ideas To Delight

Get creative with your Halloween candy. Check out these frightfully fun and easy Halloween Candy Display Ideas and delight your trick-or-treaters! #Halloween

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Halloween Candy Display Ideas To Delight

Easy, Creative and Frightfully Fun


Halloween is always a frightfully good holiday. I love to decorate and make things extra fun for anyone who stops by, especially the cutest little trick-or-treaters. One way I do this is by displaying my Halloween candies. Why just have candy tossed in a bowl, when you can make it festive? Check out these easy and creative ideas…

Bubbling Cauldron of Candy


Make your cauldron bubble using a package of Stretchable Spider Webs. I used a large cauldron and edged it with the webbing, pulling and fluffing it out, then place a bowl in the top of the cauldron that was large enough to sit at the top. I fluffed the spider webbing over the edge of that bowl and filled with candy. The spider web is lightweight and flutters in the breeze for a really cool effect.


Hanging Cauldron


This idea takes a smaller cauldron, a hanging plant stand, plant chain, and hook. We drilled holes below the lip of the cauldron to put the chain through and attached it to the hook. Then, the cauldron just hangs from the stand. Fill it with Halloween Candy.


Jack-O’-Lantern and Black Cat Display


These adorable Halloween Candy Buffet Buckets come in a set of three sizes — perfect for separating treats. I used one for candy, one for glow bracelets and Halloween card, and one for mini flashlights and holiday pencils. Placed on a table with a black plastic tablecloth and Halloween Silhouette Table Skirt, pumpkins and one of my Silhouette Cat Yard Stakes.


It’s not hard or expensive to make Halloween frightfully fun with these spooktacular Halloween Candy Display Ideas. They are great for parties too — Enjoy!

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