Thanksgiving Tablescape Simple Elegance

At the busy holiday season, it’s nice to have some simple elegance. I’m sharing how to put together a gorgeous and easy Thanksgiving tablescape with the help of Oriental Trading Company who provided some of the items for my table decor. AD #ThanksgivingTablescape


Thanksgiving Tablescape Simple Elegance

Helping to make the busy holidays easy and beautiful


There is no escape. You can’t turn back now. The holidays are upon us. So, let Oriental Trading help you make this busy season simple and elegant, fun and easy, or whatever sparks your fancy. There is something for every decor style, craft idea, or DIY project.

This year, my Thanksgiving tablescape style is simple elegance with a rustic touch. Autumn is such a lovely season full of fall colors, delicious flavors, cozy moments, and family memories. Let’s celebrate!

The first thing I did was gather my supplies:

  • Ceramic White Pumpkin
  • 1 – Wood Large Round Centerpiece (wood slice)
  • 1 – Wood Medium Round Centerpiece (wood slice)
  • Silk Fall Leaves
  • Fall Burlap Pumpkins
  • 2 – Battery-Operated Round Flameless Candles
  • Raffia Ribbon
  • Tape

Prep the Candles:


  1. Lay individual leaves in a line, right side up. Make the line of leaves long enough to go around the candle.
  2. Place a strip of Tape across the line of leaves to hold them in position.
  3. Wrap the leaves around the candle and secure with an additional piece of tape.
  4. Tie Raffia Ribbon around the leaves. I used two pieces of raffia ribbon for each candle.
  5. Carefully remove the tape.

Building the centerpiece:

  1. Stack the two Wood Slices (large and medium) in the center of the table. I turned mine so they didn’t lay exactly the same.
  2. Then tuck some of the Fall Leaves under the edges of the wood slices. Add extra leaves to spill out across the table as desired.
  3. Place the Burlap Pumpkins around the wood slices.
  4. The showcase of my centerpiece is the gorgeous Ceramic White Pumpkin. It has a white glaze and a little gold detailing to make this pumpkin absolutely stunning. Place it on the wood slices.
  5. Set the Candles on opposite sides of the centerpiece.

Tie your place settings in with your centerpiece:


  1. Fold napkins however you wish.
  2. Lay a couple of leaves on the napkin.
  3. Tie with raffia ribbon.

Water Goblets or Wine Glasses

  1. Tie raffia ribbon to the glass stem.

So, what do you think of my Thanksgiving tablescape? It’s simple and elegant, right? And it certainly was quick and easy to create.

If you are looking for more ideas and inspiration, check out Oriental Trading for all your everyday and holiday needs.

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