5 Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations Ever!

5 Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations Ever - Life With Lorelai



Some people prefer reading, and some prefer watching a movie. And, of course, there are some who love to do both. No matter which type of person you are, today I am going to share five excellent movie adaptations from books that are worth your time. Some adaptations fall short, leaving people who read books unsatisfied with how the director recreated the story. But, these five critically acclaimed movies show how a good book can become a good movie. Enjoy!

Cloud Atlas

Somehow, this movie was underrated among movie critics and society. But in fact, this great piece is extraordinary to look at and also is a very great movie adaptation too! It is a happy marriage of two different books with similar story lines called Gravity’s Rainbow and Infinite Jest (written by David Mitchell). The movie is beautifully made, with spectacular scenery. The story line is a little challenging, but this movie from Wachowskis (creators of the legendary Matrix’s trilogy) is worth it.

The Prestige

A fantastic film about the world of magicians, with an incredible cast, is another excellent adaptation. The book with the same name was written by Christopher Priest and is full of spiritualism, magic, and plot twists aplenty that you won’t believe. If you loved Christopher Nolan’s movies before (Batman trilogy, Inception), you have to watch this one too. Nolan’s name is a guarantee that the film will be a spectacle you will never forget!

Blade Runner

If you are sci-fi nerd and love dystopian literature, then Blade Runner is a wonderful combination of both genres. The movie was adapted from Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It is said that Philip K. Dick wrote a letter to Ridley Scott expressing his desire for Scott to create the adaptation and direct the film. Dick thought this movie would be a breakthrough for all sci-fi movies, and it was one of the first in its genre.

Schindler’s List

We must talk about this movie. Although it is not the exact adaptation of the book, this tremendous film about the horrors of the holocaust much be watched. Schindler’s List is the USA title for Thomas Keneally’s book Schindler’s Ark. The super popular and successful Steven Spielberg, after releasing ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark, felt too immature to tackle such horrific material the first time he took the book, Schindler’s List. But after a decade, Spielberg finally gathered his courage and created the black and white movie that left many people incredibly moved.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

And last but not least, the epic story famous for its fantastic adventures, friendship and the fight between good and evil. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, by JK Tolkien is surely loved by many generations. Thanks to Peter Jackson, this masterpiece was perfectly transferred to theaters and enjoined by many.

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