The HVAC Life Cycle & The Maintenance Difference


The HVAC Life Cycle

How Maintenance Makes A Difference

For many people, HVAC care might slip under the radar until something breaks. However, by the time your heating or cooling system stops working, it may leave you uncomfortably hot or cold until your service provider can schedule a time to come fix it. HVAC maintenance is like car maintenance; your HVAC system needs proper care and maintenance to work properly. Preventive maintenance makes a huge difference in a HVAC’s life cycle, leaving you comfortable all year long, so it’s a good idea to add an annual or a semiannual scheduled visit to give your system a checkup.

It’s easy to forget about proper HVAC maintenance when everything is running smoothly. You’re cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months, and everyone is happy. To keep this peace and harmony, learn the signs that something is amiss with your HVAC. If you start to notice unusually high electric bills, an exhaust or other abnormal smell in your home, or soot around heat registers in the house, it might be time to call in your HVAC service company for some preventive maintenance.


A properly functioning HVAC system provides benefits to the residents of the home, including lower utility bills, healthful air quality, longer system life, better efficiency, and fewer emergency repairs. Proper HVAC maintenance can make a difference in many ways. Remember that different seasons require different levels of attention and care, and be sure to take care of your HVAC system properly at each time of year. In the following infographic, published by Aqua, you can view seasonal maintenance suggestions to complete. If it’s time for maintenance on your system, give us a call at (941) 306-3715, and we’ll get it scheduled right away!







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