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Like Walking? Enjoy Reading?

Put The Two Together!

I love to go for long walks in the park or along the beach. There is just something relaxing and rejuvenating about the peacefulness of a walk.

I used to go for walks on a regular basis, but as the kids’ schedules became busier, I found myself cutting out my walks in order to drive them to their school, social, or sporting events. I had lost my “me-time,” and I missed it. I had also missed a wonderful workout.

This past March, I decided I needed to get back into a routine of walking. Walks are healthy—mentally and physically. So, I began my daily treks. The first couple of days were nice, but then, I thought I needed to figure out some way to help keep me motivated to walk each day. My iTouch came to mind; it would make the perfect walking companion.

I have not had much time recently to read—a pastime I truly enjoy. I decided that my daily walks would be a wonderful time to catch-up on my reading. Audiobooks—what a phenomenal motivator! I could not wait for my next day’s walk to listen to more of my story. I also found that the audiobooks lengthened my walks. I wasn’t concentrating on aches and pains, or how tired I was, an added benefit.

Over the past six months, I have listened to twelve books, and am well into the thirteenth. I chose to get better acquainted with authors in my genre of writing, the cozy mystery. Authors such as: Diane Mott Davidson, Joanne Fluke, Rhys Bowen, and M.C. Beaton, to name a few. I am loving it!

I own a lot of audiobook recordings, but it’s all right if you don’t. I found this amazing website called, OverDrive. OverDrive brings your library right to your computer; it has a large selection of ePub and audiobooks for the borrowing. Check it out, and see if your library subscribes to OverDrive.

I like to keep track of things, so I thought it would be fun to create a bookshelf on Shelfari specifically for my “Walking Books.” The shelf allows me not only to have a record of what books I have read, but serves as visual inspiration and motivation. You can also set-up a bookshelf on GoodReads. Check out my GoodReads Bookshelf in the sidebar. (I love the look of my Shelfari Bookshelf, but my free WordPress blog doesn’t support the Shelfari widget. 🙁 So sad…)

Up for a Challenge?

What would you think of participating in a challenge—a challenge to walk for your health, and read books at the same time? It could be fun. And we all know that doing things with a group helps keep you focused on your task.

I will work on setting up the challenge. I hope you will join me. Watch for details.

Have you ever listened to an audiobook?

Do you have any favorite authors or genres that you like to read?

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I joined in the Be.YOU.Tiful Link Party … check it out!

UPDATE: The Challenge is here! Become an Audio-Walker, join the CHALLENGE: Walking With Audiobooks!

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