Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, A Treasure Find Fer Me

Treasure Map

Livin’ in th’ ship I grew up in be a blessin’ ‘n a curse. Sure, I be surrounded by all th’ wonderful memories ‘o me childhood, but I mean, literally, I be surrounded! When th’ indoor plumbin’ on the upper deck flooded 5-days before Christmas, causin’ massive waterfalls in me livin’ room ‘n dinin’ room, it too was a blessin’ ‘n a curse.

Th’ jolly news be that th’ middle core ‘o me ship (upstairs ‘n below) be now beautiful, up-to-date, spit shine, ‘n un-cluttered! However, that leaves a lot ‘o th’ rest ‘o th’ ship stuffed to th’ gills wit’ 42-years ‘n 4-generations ‘o barnacle-covered crud. So, I systematically tackle a small section at th’ hour tryin’ to re-claim th’ ship from th’ ghosts ‘o clutter past ‘n present.

One day last week, I decided to spit shine out me salty sea-dog ‘o a father’s medicine cabinet in th’ master cabin. (me salty sea-monster ‘o a dad has be livin’ in Mississippi now since th’ new millenium. Aye, it be a long time, but he has not allowed me to change anythin’…arrgh! Since he gunna be 85-years ’tis comin’ SeptembARrrrr, I figure I would change away—he may never travel the seas home again to be knowin’). I put on some latex gloves ‘n pulled out cologne bottles smellin’ o’ seaweed and salt, expired remedies from th’ alchemist, razors, tweezers, toothpicks, a timepiece, some silver dollars, a crusty wallet stuffed wit’ ancient photos, ‘n th’ like. On th’ top shelf, below th’ wrapper from a used up potions box, I found me treasure.

Now, I be sure ye thought tha’ th’ wallet ‘o barnacle-covered photos was a right fair find ‘n it was, but I had seen all ‘o them photos before. Th’ treasure I found was a fine photograph ‘o me mother tha’ must have be taken in th’ late 50’s to extra early 60’s.

Th’ lovely lass, be known as me mother.

I had never laid eyes on ’tis photograph before. It was excitin’! I called fer Rory to come have a look, ‘n I cannot wait to spy wit’ me eye me uncle (me mom’s brother) again to show him th’ photo ‘n maybe find out whar it was taken ‘n when.

So e’en when thin’s look glum and ye be swabbin’ th’ deck, blessin’s can be found in th’ most obscure places ‘n durin’ th’ most menial ‘o tasks. Aye mateys, a find well treasured.

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