Save Kitty Cats – Litter For Good

Save Kitty Cats – Litter For Good

Save kitty cats while buying litter for your own cat. One pound of litter is donated for every green jug of Fresh & Light® litter purchased in Cat’s Pride® Litter for Good™ program. Help your local animal shelter. #LitterForGood


Save Kitty Cats – Litter For Good

Cat’s Pride donates 1 lbs. of litter for every green jug of Fresh & Light purchased

Hello, friends! It’s us, Jinx and Josie, hijacking mom’s blog again to do something good for our fellow felines. We want to let you know how you can easily help save kitty cats while doing your regular shopping for your own pet cat.

We know that cleaning out the litter box and changing the litter is not on the top of your favorite things to do list, but what if you could be Changing Litter for Good®?

Together we can make a real difference!

It is easy peasy to join the Cat’s Pride Club and nominate your favorite animal shelter. Just click HERE to get started. Then, every green jug of Cat’s Pride litter you buy, one pound of litter is donated to shelters in need.

We know that keeping your cat happy and healthy is something you take very seriously, and we thank you. But think about all those sweet little kitties living in shelters and dreaming of a forever home. Help them by helping the shelters that take care of them.

We want every kitty to be as happy as we are. One of the things we look forward to every morning is waking mom up (sometimes she thinks it’s too early just because it’s still dark) to take us outside. We love to explore our backyard, smell the pretty flowers, and watch and talk to the birds. Yes, Jinx is something of a cat Dr. Doolittle. He loves his hummingbird friends.

Of course, being cats, we love to snuggle, sleep, and play too.

Find out how I’m helping millions of cats, simply by buying @catspride litter for Jinx and Josie. #ad #LitterForGood #catlitter #kittylitter #cat #helpanimalshelter Click To Tweet

Well, we hope we have inspired you to sign up for the free Cat’s Pride® Club to nominate a shelter to receive litter donations. Over 4 million pounds of litter have been donated since 1995, and nearly 400,000 pounds have been donated this year already. You can find updates on the program donations and shelter highlights on the website too.

Join the Club!


You can purchase your own green jugs of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter at a local store near you. We grabbed ours at Walmart. The Cat’s Pride Club offers valuable coupons and incentives throughout the year, so don’t miss out.

Help save kitty cats today!


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