How-To Get Freebies

Freebies! Who doesn’t love them? Let’s take a look at where you may be missing out on some awesome freebies…

How-To Get Freebies


The only thing better than getting stuff is getting free stuff, as the saying goes. While there are many great coupons at with which you can save a lot of money in Kohl’s or other popular shops, there are few things better than being given free things outright. So, how can we maximize our ability to soak up all of the awesome free stuff that’s out there for us to snag? Read on for some helpful tips!


Signing Up For Rewards Cards


Whether it’s when we get our morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts, or when we head to the mall to go shopping, we are inundated with offers to sign up for rewards cards. Most of us decline and continue on our merry way, but if you are someone who frequents a certain location on a regular basis, why not be compensated for it? A variety of outlets and retailers offer their regular customers the chance to accrue points to collect free items at a later date.


Use Your 401(k)


If you are not utilizing the 401(k) plan at your current place of employment, you are leaving money on the table in the form of matching contributions. The vast majority of employers will match any amount that you are contributing to your own 401(k), and even if you end up quitting, cashing out and paying the penalty, you are still likely to turn a profit.


Food Samples


Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Publix have all been known to provide free food samples to hungry shoppers. Check the stores in your area to see which days these stores choose to put out samples and you may luck out even more by experiencing a wine tasting. If you make it to Publix or Trader’s Joe on the right day, their samples are almost the same size as a full meal, so be sure to bring your appetite!


Foraging For Fruit


Fruit lovers who are consistently frustrated with the selection at their local supermarket are probably unaware of the fact that there is a bevy of public land where you can pick fresh fruits to heart’s content, completely free of charge. To find out where you are allowed to go foraging for fruit in your area, head to and they will help you to locate your best opportunities.


Get a TV Antenna


With so many programs offering viewers a chance to enjoy a live stream and a number of websites providing a free place to watch television after the fact, the average person who is constantly on the go does not have the same amount of time to watch television as they used to. So why keep that expensive cable box, when you can get an antenna for your television and receive the same ten channels everyone else watches for free?


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