The Girl’s Got Power Tools! Pumpkin Gutter

If you love pumpkin carving, then you NEED to get this Pumpkin Gutter! It is absolutely fantastic. You won’t believe how fast and clean it guts your pumpkin – easy peasy! I love mine. Don’t carve with out it.

The Pumpkin Gutter!

A Power Tool for Pumpkin Carving

A couple of years ago, Rory and I went to the most amazing pumpkin carving demonstration at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach. The local nursery is a beautiful place to walk around and explore and the host all kinds of interesting informational seminars on gardening, cooing, decorating and more. Roger’s Gardens is especially fun to visit at Halloween and Christmas when it is fully decorated for the seasons.

The man giving the seminar absolutely thrilled me. I was already an avid pumpkin carver, but I had never seen such a tool as he had and was using. He pulled a couple of kids from the audience to help him gut the pumpkin. He whipped out his power hand drill and attached this odd looking, super long drill bit that looked like it had an egg beater on the end, a Pumpkin Gutter. After he cut open the pumpkin, he stuck the Pumpkin Gutter inside and went at it. He even let the kids have a go. It is that easy to use.

The Pumpkin Gutter not only cleans the guts out of the pumpkin, but it also thins the pumpkin walls to make them better for carving. It also keeps the seeds intact for those tasty pumpkin seed treats. This inexpensive tool is a must if you are going to carve multiple pumpkins, have your family carving pumpkins, or hosting a pumpkin carving party!

Here’s How It Works…

  • Cut open your pumpkin
  • Scoop out as much gut and seeds as you can with your hands
  • Use the Pumpkin Gutter on the power drill running it around the pumpkin walls. (You will need to stop periodically and clean out the loose debris and the ball on the end of your Pumpkin Gutter. **Remember – the Pumpkin Gutter is a drill bit and is sharp.)
  • Once all seeds and guts are removed from the pumpkin, use the Pumpkin Gutter to thin the walls of the pumpkin for carving. (Watch for upcoming posts on how thin to make the pumpkin walls and other carving tips and tricks coming soon.)
  • Use a scraper to smooth the inside walls

Get your own Pumpkin Gutter here!

Good luck with your pumpkin carving!

Do you have any special tools you use for gutting a pumpkin?

Do you have a favorite recipe for Pumpkin Seeds?

Are you thinking of hosting a Pumpkin Carving Party?






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