Set Up An HVAC Maintenance Plan

Debbie’s back with some great tips on how you can increase the value of your home with a simple maintenance plan for your HVAC system.



Set Up a Maintenance Plan


There are millions of things you want to do when you buy a new home. From installing new cabinets, to ripping down the terrible wallpaper put up by the person before you, the list goes on. However, before you can do any of the cosmetic improvements, you should call an HVAC company to check on your heating and cooling systems.

No One Expects the AC to Break

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For most of the year, your HVAC system works to keep the home comfortable, but these systems always seem to break unexpectedly and at the worst times. Your state or city might experience a heat wave, or a snowstorm might come through, forcing your home to match the outside temperature. But, the comfort of your home could be at risk if your air conditioning and heating system has completely crashed.

Even if your home inspector said your system is performing well, it’s important to build a working relationship with your local HVAC company to check on hardware, and set up a maintenance plan. These technicians will build a deep understanding of your system model and its current state, creating a plan to keep it running longer. Give your system a thorough maintenance in the Fall to avoid freezing through the winter.

Aging Systems Need More Repair

Like people and cars, the older an HVAC system gets, the more things tend to break. The good news is that not all of these problems are expensive. A hose might pop out, or a drain might get clogged, which shuts down the whole system until it can be cleaned.

Routine maintenance can make sure all of these smaller fixes are made so that you only have to call your HVAC company when something major strikes. This will save you money in the long run, as your regular checkups are cheaper than emergency calls at 3 a.m.

Start Building Your HVAC Maintenance History Today

In the long run, maintaining a relationship with an HVAC technician or company can translate into better service when something breaks. When the same technician is used to check on your components multiple times per year, he or she starts to understand what is starting to wear and what problems you tend to have. For example, your technician might notice a worn hose but leave it because it’s still functioning. When your system breaks, that’s the first place the technician will check for problems.

Building a history of maintenance for your HVAC systems can also help your resale value if you decide to move. Keeping a record of maintenance for all of your major appliances proves to potential homeowners and inspectors that they’re not making a bad choice when they purchase your home. There’s nothing worse than buying a house and having to replace the washer, refrigerator, and plumbing. Highlight the quality of your home with maintenance receipts.

Setting up appointments and meeting with a local HVAC company only takes a few hours each year, but these routine checkups can save you hundreds in repair costs and prevent your system from breaking during the next several years.








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