Making Your Home Homey

Turning a house into a home has to do with the atmosphere inside the home just as much as it has to do with the skill and thought you put into creating a cozy space. The good news is that it isn’t difficult at all — in fact, it’s fun and even joyful, especially if you’re in a home that you love. You can use your creativity and inventive choices to make your home a homey place, and the fantastic part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune because there’s so much you can do on your own.

Making Your Home Homey

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Start With a Personal Touch

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The best way to create a homey space is to put pieces of yourself into it. What that means is that you need to imprint your personality on the home-improvement and decor choices you make. Do you paint? Decorate using pictures and portraits that you’ve painted. Do you love to refurbish old pieces of furniture, accent pieces, picture frames, and other such items? Use those pieces to furnish your spaces. If you’re a photographer, display your own photographs on walls and tables. This also gives you the freedom to decorate different rooms using different themes and color palettes.

Start With Your Outdoor Spaces

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In addition to improving your curb appeal, decorating your outdoor spaces takes your homey atmosphere outside, too. After all, there’s no reason to keep all your cute, cozy touches locked away indoors. You can create stunning garden spaces or focus on decorating your front porch. Imagine a porch with rocking chairs and tables, a flower garden in front decorated with lawn gnomes and fairy statues, and a front walkway lined with rocks, lanterns, or decorative bushes.

Keep Your Home Up to Date

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Making a homey home involves more than simply decorating, however. If you want your home to feel inviting, you also need to keep it bright, clean, and airy — and that means keeping up on some specific aspects of home maintenance. Clean out your ducts, vents, and chimney regularly. Keep your curtains, drapes, and walls in good shape. It’s a good idea to have professionals check over essential areas, such as your roof and your plumbing. Similarly, get an HVAC professional in to check your heating and cooling systems, because lapsing on your inspections can cause problems down the line.

Splash Out With Paint

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Last but definitely not least, a fresh coat of paint works wonders. Take a look at the walls in your home now. Are the colors welcoming and inviting? Are they aging well? If not, it’s time for an update. Only you know which colors will work best in your home, but it’s a good rule of thumb to focus on a neutral base and introduce pops of color as accents. Don’t forget: you can easily paint ceilings and hardwood floors, as well.

In the end, if your home is full of love, welcoming, and beautifully put together, it’s a homey home. It just takes some elbow grease, a splash of creativity, a few knowledgeable professionals — and gnomes.








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