We’re FLYing!

“You can do anything for 15-minutes!”

Well, with Christopher moved out, and Kirk living and working on campus this summer, it is time for Rory and I to get this house CLEAN!!! I am so excited to be able to clean and not find more mess in mere minutes.

Five days before Christmas last year, we had a major flood in our house. The upstairs bathroom had 4-inches of water standing in it, water seeped into the bedroom, a closet, and the linen closet, and worst of all… We had a waterfall in our living room! Five and a half hours after we turned off the main water to the house, we still had water pouring from our living room ceiling. The Christmas Tree did not look happy and neither did I.

Finally, all of the reconstruction is finished, but my house is not yet put back together. To help us get the house into tip top shape, Rory and I are FLYing with the FlyLady! If you need to get organized, motivated, or energized to clean and de-clutter your house, check it out.

So far, so good for Rory and me. Do you FLY or have any great tips?

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