Picky Husband’s Valentine Gift Guide Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the age-old conundrum of what to get your loved one is upon you. Don’t worry, we have a picky husband’s Valentine gift guide for you. Celebrate your man with confidence and style.


A Picky Husband’s Valentine Gift Guide

Let’s call it like it is – men are hard to shop for. They might say the same about women, but that would be completely untrue. Now, add a picky man to the equation and you’ve got Valentine’s day shopping nightmare on your hands.

Sometimes the pickiness revolves around the fact that he’s too fashion-savvy and there is nothing anyone can pick out that would be ‘to his taste’. Other times it’s the guy who has no interest in fashion, which in some ways is an even worse scenario.

Then, there are the types of husbands who have literally everything, which leaves you with zero options for innovation. Whatever kind of picky husband you have on your hands, worry not, there is still something that can be done, so stay tuned and let’s crack this perfect present mystery together.

Why buy it when you can make it?

The best gifts come from the heart, and that’s not a cheesy line. For some people, store-bought goods aren’t nearly as exciting and meaningful as the ones that were made with the loved one’s own two hands.

You don’t even have to be the craftiest person in the world to make a gift; there are amazingly simple presents that even a total DIY dummy can make quite perfectly. One such gift can be the 365 jar. All you need is a nice vintage label, a beautiful jar, and papers in different colors. On them, you can write whatever you want – reasons you love him, silly things that bug you, inside jokes, things you’ve accomplished together this year, memories you’ve shared – whatever you can think of. Tell him to read one each day and aside from being original, it will also serve as a constant reminder of the love you share and all the great, even mundane moments that make you a perfect couple.

The Connoisseur:

There is a specific breed of men who have a deep knowledge and passion for great wines. If your hubby is always dragging you to wine tastings and talking about which wines go with which types of foods, the solution is simple. Go online, browse for deals on biodynamic wine.

Take the time to remember the kinds he appreciates the most, compare quality and prices, and without almost no stress at all (or endless store browsing), you’ll have your perfect gift. Besides, it can be a great ‘addition’ to a romantic night you’ll spend at home during this festive time.

Men and Their Gadgets:

There are very few men in the world who don’t have a thing for gadgets, and this is definitely the first route you should take. Pay close attention to the things he’s been talking about, as it’s far less intrusive than snooping into their browser history.

Perhaps he’s mentioned that his favorite company is releasing a new phone. In that case, do your research and find what the phone in question is. If you have to, ask his best friend what it is – men talk about this sort of stuff.

If he’s a gamer, the Xbox One X is a gift that will make him jump for joy, even if he’s not the ‘jumping’ kind of guy. Bluetooth speakers are always a great gift if you want to make a tech-obsessed hubby happy but still remain within your budget limits. In the world of toys, you can never go wrong, you just have to know where to look.

Groom Away:

Most men don’t like to buy grooming and cosmetics products, but at the end of the day, they all want to look good. So, meet them halfway, and instead of making them shop for these kinds of supplies, pick a kit yourself and just present it to him. It can be any kind of kit really – if he has a beard, a beard oil, comb and little scissors will be highly appreciated. If you’ve noticed he hasn’t been taking care of his skin, buy him a minimalistic skincare set, and make him use it. After a bit of a struggle, soon enough he’ll be hooked.

Picky Husband’s Valentine Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the age-old conundrum of what to get your loved one is upon you. Don't worry, we have a picky husband's Valentine gift guide for you. Celebrate your man with confidence and style.… Click To Tweet



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A picky husband’s Valentine Gift Guide







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