Lorelai Gets Lucky With Locky Luke and Bert!

Lorelai, Luke, and Bert the Toolbox - Gilmore Girls
Lorelai, Luke, and Bert the Toolbox – Gilmore Girls

I am one blessed girl to have Luke in my life. He always says, “If the girls can’t find you handsome, let them find you handy!” Lucky me, Luke is both.

Luke came over this weekend with Bert the Toolbox, and changed all of the locks at my house–4 locking doorknobs and 3 deadbolts. Thank goodness this is finally done. This is a project I have been waiting for since the end of March.

March is when all of the contractors finished up in my house, and the lock-box on the front door (so the workers could get in and out) was taken off. March 31st was the day Christopher was supposed to move out. So, now the workers and Christopher are gone, and I have shiny new locks on my doors thanks to Luke and Bert.

It’s such a great feeling!

Do you have any home projects that you have been waiting to get accomplished? I have a whole slue of others since we are still recovering from the Christmas flood, but one day at a time.






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