18 Decorative String Lights DIY Ideas

Everybody loves twinkling lights. So, let’s have fun and get creative with some great DIY ideas for decorative string lights for home decor and parties! #StringLights #DIY #Craft


18 Decorative String Lights DIY Ideas

Get creative for any occasion or just because!


Light is an essential part of decorating. It sets a mood, creates ambiance, and delights. So why not add some pizzazz to ordinary string lights for your home decor, outdoor living spaces, entertaining, and more. Decorative string lights are perfect for everyday life or special occasions and holidays.

I have collected a roundup of amazing DIY ideas to awe and inspire you. Enjoy!

Paper Star Lights Garland from Lia @ Lia Griffith


DIY Candy Lights from Brittany @ Oh Happy Day


DIY Plastic Bottle Flower String Lights from Ana for Bob Vila


Origami String Lights DIY from Louise @ The Tiny Honeycomb


Vintage Mold Tins DIY Strand Lights from Chelsea for Homedit


How To Make Polka Dot Ping Pong String Lights from Claire @ Heart Handmade UK


DIY Cupcake Liner Flower Lights from Steph @ Oh Happy Day


Star Light Star Bright Light Garland from Monica @ on Makes Things


Firefly String Lights from Mallory Jane @ Hayseed Homemakin’


Black Cats and Friendly Ghosts String Lights from Rubyellen @ Cakies


DIY Dixie Cup Light Garland from Rhiannon @ Rhiannon Bosse


Egg Carton Flowers DIY String Lights on Instructables


DIY Cactus Shrinky Dinks String Lights from Rose and Haley @ Popcorn & Chocolate


How To Make Origami Lights with Scrapbook Paper from Tara @ Unsophisticook


DIY Pineapple String Lights from Drawn To DIY


DIY Monogrammed Paper Pendant Lighted Banner from OnceWed


Pineapple Lights From Plastic Easter Eggs from Jennifer @ Jennifer Perkins


Mini Fabric Lamps from Nod @ Honest to Nod



So many creative, fun, and festive ideas, right? I hope you have been inspired, and I would love to hear about any ideas you have for decorative string lights.

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