Birthday Gift Ideas For The Stylish Mom

Our guest blogger, Peter Minkoff, has put together some fantastic ideas to help mom feel special on her birthday. Check out these birthday gift ideas for the stylish mom.

Stylish Mom Birthday Gift Ideas


A mother is a person who is always there for her kids, unconditionally and endlessly. We owe it to the mothers of the whole world to try to repay for their kindness. It is difficult, but we have several chances a year to give it our best shot – Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and her birthday. When buying a gift, you must do what she always does for her kids – put her desires first. If the special mom you are buying the gift for has a passion for fashion and a stylish gene, then you know what you should do – find a gift that is equally as stylish and fashion forward as her. If you are feeling a bit lost, we’ll help you with some suggestions, and we trust you can take it from there.

Nail Polish Set

There is nothing gentler than the hands of a mother, so make them even more beautiful by adding all the colors you can find. Try to find a store which allows you to handpick the shades you are going to give her, in order to avoid any mistakes concerning the shades.

Eye Shadow Palette


A professional eye palette is exactly what the doctor ordered for a stylish lady. Opt for classic instead of trendy shades, because a good and rich palette will last longer than a beauty fad. Your best choice is earthy tones palette.

A New Hairstyle

We all know how changing of haircut can have a positive impact on our mood and self-confidence. Treat the lovely lady with a hair revamp at some of the best saloons in the city. Sure, if she’s not that prone to making changes and she doesn’t appreciate a surprise, make sure you talk it through with her first. It will take away some of the magic, but that’s better than to shock and annoy her on her special day.

Her Favorite Perfume

Perfumes are special gifts, and if you don’t choose well, they can turn up to be quite a failure. So, instead of risking with new scents, opt for her favorite perfume that she has been using for years. After all, she’s bound to empty that bottle eventually.


Little black dress is the ultimate fashionable gift and a wardrobe essential. Choose a stylish and subtle piece that she can further enhance with accessories.


New lingerie can make every woman happy, but if you want to buy something different, try with discrete body shapers she will love because they are hiding flaws, while enhancing curves.

Stylish Accessories

Accessories are always great gifts for every woman. Depending on her preferences and style choices, you can get her a patterned scarf, a statement necklace, a classic leather watch with thin straps, a leather bag, a wallet, etc.

A Day of Pampering

If anyone needs a day of pampering, it’s are our mothers. They work hard every day and worry about everyone’s wellbeing. So, give your mom a full-blown spa day, with sauna, relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure, scrub, and all other perks she deserves.

Fitness Related Items

A stylish mom is an active mom, so some fitness related gift is always a good idea. If your mother is always talking about how she would love to go to the gym, but she never finds the time or always forgets about signing up, do it for her. Get her a gym membership or sign her up for Zumba, aerobics or some other fun activity. If she is already a gym member, you can get her some nice accessory, like fitness tracker, wireless headphones, or a stylish gym bag.

Tech Gadget

No matter if she enjoys scrolling down Pinterest or she likes to snap a few selfies a day, her favorite gadget will always come in handy when she wants to be updated with latest tech trends.

Every mother deserves a lovely birthday gift, so do your best to treat, not only yours, but every mother you know with a stylish surprise, and you will make this world a better place.


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