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Blog Planner – Get Organized!

Using this Universal Planner


I finally got sick of all the pieces of paper and scraps of this and that I had hanging around for my blog. I was creating so much work for myself by not keeping track of certain things and then having to search post-to-post, through comments, etc. to find what I needed. I was in special need of a way to keep track of what post I linked-up at what party, and if any of my posts were lucky enough to be featured. It was time for my little blog to take the leap and have a Blog Planner.

So, I researched blog planners and ideas, and finally devised some forms of my own. I wanted a Universal Blog Planner that I could use from year-to-year. It also needed to be adjustable in size according to my needs.

I know not every system works for everyone, so I have put together individual sheets, as well as some that are combined. You can mix and match ’til your hearts content. Pick and choose what works for you.

This FREE Printable Blog Planner includes:

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A Universal Calendar:

Fill in your own Calendar dates. This feature allows the calendar to be used from year-to-year with just a press of the print button. No need to search and download another one next year.

Monthly and Weekly Views:

The Monthly View has a Weekly Overview, To Do List, Blog Maintenance, and Notes.


The Weekly View has a Daily Overview and Notes.

Idea Bubbles and Post Production:

Idea Bubbles give you areas to scratch out your thoughts while putting in place key elements for your post such as, Idea, SEO (key word), Link To, Categories, Tags, Affiliate, Needs, and Other. It also features areas for Related Posts, Title, and Notes.


The Post Production sheet allows you to keep track of where you are on the construction of your post. Post Title; URL; whether or not there is an Affiliate or Giveaway with this post; Post Written–Edited–Scheduled; Pictures Taken/Found–Edited–Graphics Made; Needs/Props gathered; Other, and when the post is finished and ready for a Published Date.

Link Party Log, Social Media Tracker, and Monthly Tracker–Featured Post/Linky Party Listing:

The Linky Party Log lets you keep track of to what parties you have a specific post linked. It has space for the date you linked, the party, and if the post was featured.


Sometimes you get called away in the middle of promoting your post on social media. With this Social Media Tracker, you will be able to track specific posts to exactly which venues you have promoted and where to pick up again. The form is ready for all the main social medias, email promo, and other. You have a place for marking the post as affiliate or giveaway. It helps make sure you get the public coverage you need.


The Monthly Tracker Featured Posts / Link Party Listings is a great resource to see where you promoted the blog in general during the month, and what posts got featured during that time. It has space for Date, Post Title, and Link Party. Over time it will help you see what is working and what is not, so you can maximize your efforts. This form is going to be a huge help to me with my new monthly feature of Gratitude, Promise & Memories.

Combined Form: Production, Social Media & Linkies

If you would rather have a form where you can keep track of everything for one post on one form, this is it. The Production, Social Media & Linkies form combines the features of the single forms so you can see it all on one page.

All of these forms have a semi-transparent background to give them a little color, but leave it light enough for easy writing.

No matter how large or small your blog is, this Blog Planner is adaptable for you. Get a binder and some tabs and print up what you need, as you need it.

The Blog Planner comes in FOUR STYLES. Choose one, choose all, or mix and match.

I hope you will find this Blog Planner helpful and easy to use. If you have any suggestions for other planner pages or needs, let me know. Download, have fun, be flexible, plan, and get organized! Don’t forget to share this Blog Planner with all your blogger friends.

Have you ever used a blog planner?

Do you find Blog Planners helpful?

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