Poise Halloween Craft – Ghostly Peedy

Poise Halloween Craft - Ghostly Peedy - Life With Lorelai

Ghostly Peedy

A Halloween Craft


Do you have Poise? Or does LBL dampen your confidence?

Can you believe Autumn is just around the corner? Pretty soon the leaves will start to change and pumpkins will appear everywhere. Autumn is quite possibly my favorite season. I love the rich bold colors, and the amazing aromas. My Spiced Chestnut hand soap and lotion are dying to jump out of the closet and into action!

With the Autumn, also comes one of my most loved holidays–Halloween. So, it was time to create a craft to use for decoration. Poise Thin-Shape pads came to mind, and Ghostly Peedy was born.

Why, Peedy, you ask? Well, let’s face it. Poise is all about pee–those Light Bladder Leakages (LBL) that can be so irritating and embarrassing. It is bad enough for me, a grown women, to have to deal with this issue from time-to-time when my asthma is acting up, but imagine being a child. Rory’s Mitochondrial Disorder has a myriad of symptoms that has included LBL. Poise® was a definite face-saver for her in middle school.

The New Thin-Shape pads from Poise are made specifically for LBL with Super Absorbent Material and Thin-Flex design making them 3x drier than period pads. So, Recycle Your Period Pads and create something fun–like Ghostly Peedy!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Pads, Badminton Birdie (or Shuttlecock), Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, String, and Googlie Eyes

Craft Directions:

  1. Open a new, unused period pad
  1. Cut off one side of the pad
  1. Trim off the top layer of the pad. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have 5 or 6 pads prepped.
  1. Clean of the back side of the top layers
  1. Put some hot glue on the head of the badminton birdie
  1. Attach the first layer

  1. Tack both sides down to the birdie head with hot glue
  1. Then glue the back down
  1. Put hot glue on top of the first pad on the badminton birdie head. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have attached all of your prepared layers.
  1. Figure 10 shows what it should look like from the top
  1. Figure 11 shows what it will look like from underneath
  1. With the ghost sitting upright, tie the string tightly around the “neck” of the badminton birdie (the area between the rubber head and the skirt. Knot the string in the back. Bring the string ends around to the front and tie the string into a bow. Leave string tails hanging for decoration. (Cut a length of string that is long enough to knot around the birdie, wrap around the front and be tied into a bow with enough string to hang down the ghost body.)

  1. Hot glue on the Googlie Eyes
  1. Using a needle and fishing line or thread, you can stitch through the top of the ghosts head to add a hanging strap. Tie the fishing line or thread, and pull the knot down next to the head.

Don’t lose your confidence, keep your poise–with NEW Thin-Shape pads from Poise.
Get your FREE SAMPLE here https://ooh.li/a18df15!

What fun ideas can you create to #RecycleYourPeriodPad ?


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