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Tomatoes from our garden | Life With Lorelai

What a Delight ~ Winter Tomatoes!

Luke and I still have four tomato plants in our garden that just do not want to give up the ghost. This is the second winter for my Lemon Boy tomato–can you believe that?! We also have a green bell pepper that has 4 or 5 peppers growing.

Sunday we picked a full dozen tomatoes from those vines. It was so exciting. So, I thought I would look around Pinterest and see what I could find for Winter Tomatoes. Here are a few of the yummy ideas I came across. Check out the recipes; I hope you enjoy.

Gabrielle’s Winter Tomato and Corn Soup by White on Rice Couple

Doesn’t this soup look absolutely delicious? I think I may try this using my fresh from the garden winter tomatoes and supplementing with canned tomatoes if need be. Yum!

Tomato-Rosemary Confit Croustades by Cooking on the Weekends

What a great snack or appetizer! The color is so pretty. I can almost taste the crunch of the croustades, the succulent tomato and rosemary… scrumptious.

Provencal Rosemary Tomatoes by Alicia Ross, Kitchen Scoop – Toledo Blade

Can’t you just smell the wonderful aroma of roasting tomato and rosemary? This would be so good with baked chicken or beef roast.

I can’t wait to give these recipes a try. Our little bushes are full of tomatoes waiting to ripen. It’s going to be a delicious winter!

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Do you ever get Winter Tomatoes?

What would you do with your tomatoes?

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