Keep Pets Safe At Halloween – Dogs And Cats

We love our pets — they’re one of the family. Keep pets safe this Halloween by checking out this infographic, get tips, and be aware. #Puptober #pets


Keep Pets Safe At Halloween

PSA Infographic from PuppySpot for #Puptober

We love our cats, Jinx and Josie. They are definitely precious and we don’t want them to get hurt in any way. Dogs and cats have special needs. So, it is important to be aware that not everything that is good for you is good for your pet. Take chocolate, for instance, I love a yummy chocolate fix once in a while (ok, maybe a little more often than that), but chocolate can be deadly to dogs and cats.


So, I’m sharing this fabulous infographic created by PuppySpot to help you keep your pet safe at Halloween.

I hope you found this infographic super informative and helpful to keep your pets safe this Halloween. Share it with all your friends!

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