5 Reasons To Love Coffee & Free Printables

Love coffee? Me too! I am a total coffee addict, and apparently, our regular contributor, Michelle James, is pretty hooked as well. She has created a couple super cute and really fun printables just for you.


5 Reasons To Love Coffee

& Free Printables!


Hello once again. Are any of you coffee drinkers? I don’t think I am alone in my coffee-loving ways, or there wouldn’t be a Starbucks on every corner in the USA (except for mine, of course).

I didn’t like coffee until I was an adult. It was too bitter, and I couldn’t stand it. In fact, I still can’t drink my coffee black. I wish I could because I would avoid all sorts of sugar and calories. But, I don’t drink too many cups each morning, so I am hoping I am ok.

My husband introduced me to the power of the liquid coffee creamers. LOL!  I have to say, it makes coffee addicting for non-black coffee drinkers like myself.

So, here are the 5 Reasons To Love Coffee

  1. It smells so good brewing in the morning.

Don’t you love to wake up to this comforting smell? Even before I drank coffee I always loved the smell of it.

  1. There are many different brands and blends to choose from.

If you walk into a grocery store you will find many different brands and blends of coffee. If you do a little research you can find that some are more acidic than others, some are stronger than others. There is also the choice of whole beans or ground. So many things to think about and try to find just the right one for you.

  1. Coffee Shops Are Everywhere (except in my town. Insert sad face)

If you are a brand name coffee drinker, maybe you purchase only from coffee shops. There are so many, and they have their own specialty coffees that are so popular right now. I love it when I visit a city and can try out a new coffee. Yumm!!

  1. You can choose cold or hot.

I love it when we go on a road trip, and I can run through the drive up and get a great iced coffee. On a hot day, when you don’t want the hot…go for the cold.

  1. Fluffy coffee anyone?

My friend Peggy calls the decadent, full of calories, sort of along the lines of a coffee milkshake, coffees fluffy coffees. And she is right. They are super good. Every year when we go shopping in Minnesota, we stop in the afternoon and get some fluffy coffee. It fills me up until dinner, and I can keep on shopping!  It is the perfect treat.


So, there you have it. The 5 reasons to love coffee. At least in my opinion.

My youngest son is a coffee lover as well. I created this Coffee Station for him, when he went to college. It was perfect for the small dorm room.

Here, are two free printables I created for you to print, frame, and enjoy!  The download link is at the bottom of this post.


If you would like to see more great furniture makeovers and more free pintables hop over to my blog and check them out!

Download your free coffee printables:

Coffee Is Always A Good Ideaclick here

No Life Before Coffeeclick here

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