Rust Removal Is Easy-Peasy With Vinegar

Got rusty tools? Rust removal is quick and easy with vinegar. Learn how to clean-up and de-rust your tools in a couple simple steps.


Rust Removal

Is Easy-Peasy With Vinegar


A while back, Luke went to the Model T Swap Meet — an annual event for over 60 years. Luke, as you may know, builds and restores hot rods and classic cars for a living. So, these types of shows and swap meets are firmly imprinted on our calendar. You can check out some of our other adventures here.

This trip to the Model T Swap Meet, Luke came home with some new-found treasures. An old metal chisel and a couple of punches in sizes he did not already own. Needless to say, he was thrilled. These tools were in pretty great shape considering they are antiques, just a bit on the rusty side. Vinegar makes rust removal a snap. The vinegar actually does most of the work for you.

Honestly, you only need a few things to remove rust from metal tools, etc.

  • Vinegar
  • Plastic or glass container
  • Steel wool

Simply place the tools into your container and pour undiluted vinegar over them. Let them sit. You will see bubbles as the vinegar reacts with the rust.

Every so often, check on the rust removal progress. Once you think all the rust is removed that will be, remove the tools and rinse them in water.

Then, you can see any remaining rust spots and give them a little wipe with some steel wool. The rust has been loosened with the vinegar, so it rubs off quick and easy.

Rinse and dry tools thoroughly. See how great they look? These antique tools have lost some of their paint from age, use, and the vinegar. If that bothers you, you can spray them with some rust-resistant paint.

Is this not the easiest way to de-rust things? And you probably have everything you need to do the job sitting around your house or garage.







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