X-ray of a Blog – Blogging Tips Series pt. 3

This is the Final article in the Three-part Series. If you missed the First or Second installment of X-ray of a Blog, please go check them out.


The doctor holds up the paddles and looks at the heart rate monitor.

We have a normal sinus rhythm.

You did it, Doctor. You saved the Blog!

It seems so, Nurse, but the Blog will need to take care and get regular exercise in order to stay healthy.

I’m sure with a little TLC, the Blog will continue to flourish.


The X-ray of a Blog

In this three-part series, we are exploring the attributes and make-up of a blog. In part one, we examined the Skeleton, Skin, Nervous System, and Brain. Part Two explored the Heart, Soul, Mouth, Eyes and Ears, and Hands. Part Three brings you the Muscles, Health, Feet, Veins, and Stomach of a blog. As previously, you will find links to help explain and provide you with more detail. Onto our final look at the X-ray of a Blog…

The Muscles

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the muscle behind your blog. Learn how to work your blog to get the best results. The proper training can get your blog to its optimal fitness and allow it to reach its greatest potential.

The Health

Growth and relationships are vital for a healthy blog. So just how do you increase your traffic and visitors? Frequent, quality posts that lead to interaction and engagement of readers will go a long way toward your goals.

The Feet

A blog needs not to be stationary. Use your feet. Go out walking and visiting other blogs. You may find inspiration, things you can incorporate into your own blog … do not forget to link back to theses posts. Write a guest post on someone’s blog, or provide others the opportunity to guest blog for you. Link Parties and Blog Hops provide you a fun-filled way of finding and exploring new blogs, and always remember to leave comments wherever your feet take you. Backlinks, Guest Blogs, and Link Parties are all great ways to gain new readers for your own blog.

The Veins

Like the veins in the human body, your readers carry your blogs lifeblood. Give your readers every possible way to experience and share your blog.

30 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Set Up A Newsletter With Mail Chimp

5 Facebook Tips For Bloggers

How To: Mastering Twitter 140 Characters At A Time

Pinterest & Blogging: The Good, The Bad, And The Huh?

How To Use Google+ As A Blogger

How To Use Stumble Upon: A Guide For Beginners And Bloggers

The Stomach

One way to help feed your stomach and your blogs is by monetizing. Learn how to market and brand your blog to your advantage. Use your blog to promote your Etsy store. Be sure to understand the rules and regulations, especially when it comes to dealing with giveaways, taxes, and the IRS. A good tax tool or calc helps a lot, but in the meantime, check out these valuable resources.

How I Make Money Blogging

The Ultimate Guide To Making An Affiliate Income From Your Blog

5 Blogging Tips For Etsy Sellers

5 Tips For Marketing Your Blog

Hosting Giveaways

Sweepstakes, Contests & Giveaways – Laws Bloggers & Brands Need To Know

I want to thank you for taking this journey with me through an X-ray of a Blog. It is my sincere wish that you have found useful information throughout the three segments of this Blogging Tips Series. I have enjoyed putting these resources together for you, and will be returning to it myself on numerous occasions in the future as my blog grows.

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