Room Dividers – A Simple DIY Party Decor

Party Decor doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to make. Give these simple DIY Room Dividers a try. It’s made with streamers and a tension rod.


Room Dividers

A Simple DIY Party Decor


We hosted a Murder Mystery Party for Rory’s 21st birthday — it was a blast! In preparing for the party, I had to figure out ways for the guests to spy on each other or have secret meetings. We have a long hallway in our house with the bathroom about two-thirds of the way down. So, I decided to create room dividers to break the hallway into sections.

Now, I did not want this to be difficult or costly, but I did want it to be fun and festive and go with the other party decor. And that’s how this idea came to be using crepe paper streamers (in the party colors) and a tension rod.

These room dividers were a huge hit and so much fun to sneak behind for covert meetings or spying for the mystery game. They would also come in handy to block off areas you would rather guest did not go.

Let’s make a Room Divider!

Gather your crepe paper streamers and set them in the color order you desire. I used a barbecue skewer through the center of each streamer roll to make pulling the streamers easier and more manageable.

Figure out how long you want your streamers and cut them. Fold the streamers in half length-wise, but do not crease them.

Hang your tension rod so you can freely work with it. Take the folded end of the streamers and go over the tension rod from the back to the front.

The folded end of the streamers creates a loop. Pull the straight streamers through the loop to the front.

Pull the straight streamers gently until the loop tightens around the tension rod.

Repeat these steps until your tension rod has the fullness you desire.

These crepe paper room dividers were easy to walk through but definitely worked well for creating separate spaces. If you are using the room dividers to block off an area, you can also attach a “Please, keep out,” or “No entry,” banner.

Check out the dessert we served for this party… it was a KILLER CAKE!

Have fun with these DIY Room Dividers at your next party!









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