Garden Ideas, Tips and Tricks for Spring

Gardening is a fun and productive way to de-stress. Discover wonderful garden ideas and tips to plant, maintain, decorate, and beautify your gardens.


Garden Ideas

Tips and Tricks for Spring Gardening


Spring is fast approaching, and that means it is time to start thinking about your garden. So, I thought I would pull together a roundup of gardening ideas, tips, and tricks to help you along the way.

You will find a wide variety of information from planting; trellises; indoor, outdoor, and container gardens; disease prevention; pest deterrents; and more.

Planting and Growing

Sunflowers – How To Grow These Healthy Giants

Get a wow factor in your garden with these floral giants — sunflowers! Learn out to grow them from seeds and grow them to amazing heights.

Lilac Bushes – How To Plant Healthy Shrubs

Learn how to grow healthy Lilac Bushes. Lilacs are a gorgeous and fragrant addition to any garden and are one of the most carefree shrubs for maintenance.

5 Tips To Growing Gourds In Your Garden

Celebrate fall by growing gourds in your garden. Get 5 great tips. Use gourds for autumn decor, recipes, crafts, and more. Bird lovers will love them.

DIY Garden Projects

5 Metallic DIY Ideas For Your Garden

Check out these 5 Metallic DIY Ideas that are perfect for Your Garden! Easy DIY projects that add a little bling to your garden decor.

How To Create A DIY Rose Trellis

Roses come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Add a gorgeous DIY Rose Trellis as a focal point in your garden with a stunning climbing rose.

Indoor Gardening

How-To Create A Terrarium For Your Home

Bring the joy of gardening indoors with this fun and easy DIY Terrarium for your home. Add the beauty of plants to your home decor.

Container Gardening

Potted Plants Keep Your Deck Colorful And Festive

Keep gardening through the autumn and winter months with potted plants. get ideas for colorful and festive ways to make your deck a garden to enjoy.

Alternative Gardens

Aquaponic Gardening – Create A Self-Sustaining Garden

Ever wondered about an aquaponic garden? Aquaponics is a method of gardening that creates a system of self-sustaining gardening.

6 Ways To Create A Zen Experience In Your Backyard

Looking for quiet and tranquility? Take a cue from Japanese culture and create a Zen experience in your garden or a small Zen garden for inside your home.

Garden Maintenance

Shrubs – 5 Hassle-Free Trimming Tips

Great tips on how to take back control of your yard, and keep your plants healthy and beautiful with these how-tos for trimming your shrubs.

5 Most Valuable Home Improvement Investments

A garden beautifies your home. Get a few key tools to make the most of time and energy, and ensure you have the right tools for the gardening job.

Plant Diseases and Pest Deterrents

Plant Diseases – How To Identify Them In Your Garden

Keep your garden healthy and strong. Learn how to identify and care for common plant diseases. Plus get prevention and disposal tips.

Humane Ways To Keep Animals Out Of Your Yard

Animals can be destructive to gardens. Find humane ways to discourage and keep unwanted animals out of your yard with these great tips.


This post gathers a multitude of information and is a fantastic resource for garden ideas, tips, and tricks! PIN it to come back to for future reference.

I hope this spring and summer your gardens will be filled with beautiful flowers, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables. Take pleasure in the gardening experience, relax and enjoy!







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