How To Create A DIY Rose Trellis

Think a rose is a rose? Find out from regular contributor, Megan Wild. She brings us another beautiful post to bring the glory of roses to your garden.



How to Create a DIY Rose Trellis


Not all roses were created equal. Some varieties of the flower dwell close to the ground and some are climbers.

If you’re keen on including a climbing rose in your garden, make sure you have a sturdy structure for it to grow skyward on. The perennial will need space to grow as it will spread and cover over the years.

Here’s how to build a trellis that will provide the structural support the plant requires while adding visual flare to your garden space.



DIY Rose Trellis

Time Needed:

Approximately 2.5 hours


$5 to $30

You can keep your costs down if you use wood from around your yard. Some people may tell you that you need willow, but if you’re pruning trees around your property, the small trimmed branches will do the trick.


The completed trellis will be 7 feet, 4.5 inches tall and 3 feet wide.


As you will be cutting wood, hammering nails and more, be sure to use the proper tools for optimal safety.

  • Box of 13/4-inch nails
  • Hammer
  • Floral wire roll
  • 12 straight branches (approximately one inch in diameter)
    • 3 pieces (3 feet in length each) [A]
    • 1 piece (6 feet long) [B]
    • 2 pieces (5 feet in length each) [C]
    • 2 pieces (each 25 inches in length each) [D]
    • 2 pieces (22.5 inches in length each) [E]
    • 2 pieces (39.5 inches in length) long [F]


  1. Place [A] pieces horizontally on a flat surface.
    1. 2 pieces should be 18 inches apart
    2. 1 pieces should be 16 inches above the center piece
  2. Place [B] vertically across the [A] pieces. The end at the bottom of the structure needs to overlap the bottom [A] pieces by 4.5 inches.
  3. Secure the [B] to all of the [A] pieces with nails along the center joints.
  4. Place [C] vertically at approximately 3.5 inches in from the ends of the crosspieces.


  1. Secure the crosspieces to the joints with nails.
  2. Put [D] and [E] pieces diagonally, slightly covering the horizontal crosspieces.
  3. Secure with nails at the junction.
  4. Put [F] behind [B] and atop the [C] side pieces.
  5. Wrap floral wire around all of the main junctions to reinforce the structure’s strength.


Once you have the trellis built, choose a location for it and the rose plant. Roses can flourish in full sun as well as partial shade. It’s important to consider factors such as trees that can increase shade or metal roofs which can reflect sunlight more than traditional shingle roofs. These types of factors can greatly effect how much you need to water your roses to keep them healthy.


Now that you have the desired location for your rose plant picked out, place the trellis into the soil. Ensure it is low enough in the dirt that it will be able to stand on its own once the plant has grown and established.

When planting the rose, dig a hole where you want the flower to bloom. A good rule of thumb is to create a hole twice as wide as the roots and 2 feet deep. Once the rose is in place, water extensively. Cover the roots with soil and water again.


Rose plants are great addition to any garden as they provide vibrant color year after year. With a trellis to grow on, they’ll create visual interest through the added levels and dimension.


Megan Wild loves planting flowers in the spring. When she’s not in the midst of her garden of tulips and daisies, you can find her writing tips and ideas for her blog, Your Wild Home.



Visit Megan at her blog, Your Wild Home!







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