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Pumpkin Carving – Carving & Lighting Tips & Tricks

Pumpkin Carving - Carving and Lighting Tips and Tricks | Life With Lorelai

… Create and Illuminate! … Here are some Carving &Lighting Tips & Tricks for your pumpkin that will take your design to another level. Differing depths give your carving light and shadows, and can create something almost life like when illuminated. The unlit carving doesn’t always portray the greatness of the design. Take a look […]


Avocado Tips & Tricks

Avocado Tips & Tricks Collage1 | Life With Lorelai

Avocado Tips & Tricks Oh, Those Yummy Avocados! … I know some people think avocados are an acquired taste, but living in Southern California, where farmers produce 95% of the U.S. production, you grow up eating avocados. They are delicious! The avocado’s hard rough exterior provides inspiration for its other name, the Alligator Pear. Avocado […]