Unconventional Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Unconventional Thanksgiving Party Ideas - Life With Lorelai


Unconventional Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Creative Twists for an Iconic Holiday


Thanksgiving Day is one of the major holidays in the United States, and everyone loves it because of its well-known symbol – delicious turkey that makes your mouth water. However, if organizing a traditional party doesn’t make you happy, you should definitely try something unconventional. Here are some ideas, so check them out.

No More Turkey!

Turkey is undoubtedly a traditional Thanksgiving dish. Being an iconic symbol of this holiday, it is very hard to imagine  the celebration without it. However, there are other alternative birds that can replace turkey, and are equally tasty. For example, goose and duck, or even chicken are much richer because of their thicker layer of fat which prevents them from drying out. Even ostrich meat can replace it, and beef lovers will love it because it is very similar to red meat.

Cocktail Thanksgiving Party

Overeating and consuming too many carbs are not everyone’s cup of tea, so it would be great to throw a party where the focus is on the drinks, not the food. A mixology session is one possible solution, and it will provide both entertainment and useful knowledge of particular cocktail recipes. You can also serve themed drinks, such as cocktails based on pumpkin and apple. Of course, canapés, sandwiches and crackers are a must-have, since it is not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. The major advantage of this kind of a party is definitely easy clean-up!

Potluck Thanksgiving

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast is a very challenging task that requires a certain amount of responsibility. You have to make sure that your house is clean, that there are enough chairs for everyone, and that guest towels are ready for use in the bathroom. In order not to forget something, it would be the best to organize a potluck, which means that your guests will bring food to your party. This will end up in the best possible way – everyone will get their signature dish, well-prepared and bursting with flavor. You just have to place all of those on the table, label them and serve drinks. In this way, you will have fewer dishes and bowls to clean, since everyone will take their own home with them.

Party on a Boat

Take this Thanksgiving celebration to the next level, and throw a classy party on a boat. Gather your friends and family and go river sailing, while eating delicious food and drinking some quality wine. They will certainly appreciate your creativity, because this kind of celebration is everything but conventional. However, you should know that regular boat detailing is a must if you want to make sure that your boat is functioning properly. When this is done, you can enjoy in an intimate party with your dearest guests.

Go for an International Experience

Yes, stuffed turkey and cranberry sauce are symbols of Thanksgiving Day, but switching to international cuisine can be fun, too. A big Italian party that includes several kinds of delicious pasta and tasty pizza will make your guests lick their fingers. Of course, an appropriate wine is required. Mexican fiesta would include nachos and burritos, spiced up with different sauces and dips. Margarita is a drink of choice here, and you can be sure that everyone will love it. That is called Thanksgiving with a twist!

As you can see, celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be boring at all. There are many possibilities and creative ideas, and it is up to you to choose which ones you like the best. After all, the most important thing is that your family and friends are there, because having fun is inevitable when you are with people you love.


Thank you, Peter, for this unconventional look into Thanksgiving Party Ideas, and how to have fun while putting a creative twist on an iconic holiday.


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