You’re Invited!!!

Your'e Invited Birthday PartyFor a Birthday Bash right here on
Life With Lorelai!

Stop on by for some good fun and laughter…

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15 thoughts on “You’re Invited!!!”

          1. In this house of 42-years and 4-geerations…it’s loaded to the gills!!! It’s just time for most of it to go, and I don;t care anymore what other family members say…they don;t live here. If they are that attached to it…take it to YOUR house is what I’m saying now! 🙂

          2. Exactly! You can’t keep all you need for you and your daughter plus everyone else. I just keep thinking how great it will feel when it is all done.

  1. I’m curious with this series as I was not able to visit the preblogging group for a week now I think, but I’ll make sure to check your blog for that 🙂

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