Go Ahead Sing Karaoke - Christmas - Life With Lorelai

Go Ahead… Sing Karaoke #6 – Christmas Edition

Go Ahead Sing Karaoke - Christmas - Life With Lorelai

Photo – Peanuts – Charles Schulz

It’s Time to Sing Karaoke!

Fa La La La La, Lalalala!

Now that you’ve warmed up your vocal chords, it’s time for the CHRISTMAS EDITION of
Go Ahead… Sing Karaoke #6 on Life With Lorelai.
Get your Christmas spirit flowing and let’s have some fun!


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow by Dean Martin


Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms


White Christmas by Bing Crosby


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee


Baby It’s Cold Outside by Glee


Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

Hopefully the Sing karaoke #6 has pit you in a holly jolly mood.

Did you had a Christmasy good time?

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?

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38 thoughts on “Go Ahead… Sing Karaoke #6 – Christmas Edition”

  1. Karaoke is a fun release! I love ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Baby it’s cold outside’. Vintage songs are the best, in my opinion. The last karaoke event I experienced was in the middle of a cow pasture in 2009. It was chilly and there was a huge bonfire. Fun times!

    1. That sounds like tons of fun! I love vintage songs too. Santa Baby is a very special song for Luke and me (it’s probably “our song” but we’ve never officially declared it as such). Have fun, Natalie! 🙂

    1. That’s okay, Missy… those who enjoy Christmas music will love it, and those who don;t can listen to something else. Santa Baby is one of those Christmas songs that does crossover nicely! 🙂

  2. I really like Baby It’s Cold Outside. 🙂 I can’t pick a favorite. Emmanuel, O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Silver Bells…I love ALL Christmas music!!!

  3. I can only sing karaoke when my two oldest kids are in school because I would have pillows thrown at me non-stop if I did. My 5yr old and I dance and sing all the time (she likes my singing!). I love “Last Christmas,” and “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.” My husband always sings (loudly) “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” whenever it snows out (regardless if Christmas passed). So it has become one of my favorites also.

  4. Oh Lorelai, I am begging you, pleading.. o.k. daring you… you have to post your karaoke next time around 🙂 I love how you love life so much, have great creativity all around including with song! If I sang Karaoke i’d be banned from public activities. My daughter and I did a karaoke video at Disney many years ago.. I am going to have to dust out the old VCR/video tape and see if I dare be brave enough to have it put on disc or file to share.. You show me yours and i’ll show you mine.. haha

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