Farmhouse Style Wood & Metal Vase Decor - A versatile DIY project that could be used as a vase, organizer, container, or more. #DIY #Farmhouse #Style #Decor

Farmhouse Style Wood & Metal Vase Decor

Your are going to love the transformation our regular contributor, Michelle James, has made with this thrift store find to create an amazing Autumn vase!


Farmhouse Style – A Wood & Metal Vase

Hi there!  I am calling this a wood and metal vase because I used it for a fall floral arrangement, but it really could be an organizer, a container or just a box to set somewhere.  Whatever its purpose…I love the way it turned out.

I love thrift shopping with my friend, Peggy.  She picked this up and could see beyond the ugly.  She said look at the wood and the corrugated metal.  I was hooked and bought it for $1.50.

It started out with this pear and this weird springy wire handle.

I removed the pear which was held on with two screws and some glue.  And I got that handle off too.  It was so much better already.

I painted the wood sides, or fronts, it could go either way, with white chalk paint.  I painted two coats sanding in between.

I knew I wanted something painted on the wood sides, so I created a stencil from vinyl with my Silhouette machine.

I used a font called “stencil” and cut the words Farm Fresh to fit the size I needed.   Since it was vinyl, I just laid it down on the wood side.

It took two coats of the black chalk paint to fill it in.

Then I removed the stencil, sanded quite a bit to get an “aged” look, and added the wax finish.

I love the way it turned out.

The craft store in my area had their fall décor 40% off, so I got a few things to add to it.  What do you think?

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