Roasting a Marshmallow over the Fire

Remember roasting marshmallows over the fire? You put the soft white lump of marshmallow on the stick and hold it over the flames and wait while the insides get all warm and gooey, and the outside caramelizes and chars to just the perfect, mouthwatering deliciousness. Then you slide them off the stick onto your impatiently awaiting graham cracker topped with a chocolate bar. Oh, the wondrous S’More!

We were so looking forward to this amazing treat last night after our BBQ dinner. Rory had wanted these for her birthday, but when her plans changed last minute for the night of her birthday, the S’Mores were put on hold. I had already purchased the supplies: graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, and a new limited edition bag of Kraft Jet-Puffed S’MoreMallows (it was the only marshmallow choice on the shelf over the 4th of July weekend besides mini marshmallows).

Kraft Jet-puffed S'MoreMallows

I was not pleased with the marshmallow purchase, but was determined to give these new-fangled, flat rectangles a fair try. The marshmallow was so skinny, we had to use the barbecue fork as a skewer. We held our mallow over the flames to no avail. This little bit of fluff was not going to puff and get gooey, nor was it going to brown and toast. We abandoned the BBQ and headed indoors to the gas stovetop. We had a tiny bit better success there. At least the marshmallow browned when it caught fire, but there was still no puffing to be had…so much for “jet-puffed”.

We slid our somewhat-toasted marshmallow on to the cracker and chocolate and bit in to a very disappointing S’More. The toasted marshmallow gooey-ness ratio was very low, it lacked the warmth, the flavor, it lacked the fun…it was just not the same tasty treat of bygone memories. Sad faces…

On my shopping list for this week: regular, old-fashioned marshmallows! Sorry Kraft, your S’MoreMallows are a flop in my house. We are all dreaming of…

SMores-2-MediumREAL S’Mores… I personally like my marshmallows toastier than this picture, but these still look good. I am a catch-it-on-fire-and-blow-it-out kind of a girl. How about you? How do you like your marshmallows?

On another Note…

Life With Lorelai has received it’s very first blog award. Look for more information on the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness tomorrow.

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