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5 DIY Projects For First-Timers

I truly enjoy the challenge of creating new things for my home. I love the entire project, from idea, to planning, to building, and the finished product. It brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. That is why I am so excited to have Debbie Lewis sharing these 5 DIY projects for first-timers.


5 DIY Projects For First-Timers


With sites like Pinterest, Etsy, and Youtube, people are finding it easier to master DIY projects instead of buying an item or paying someone else to do it. If you’re new to DIY projects, these projects can ease you in and help you realize how fun and rewarding these projects can be.

Make a Jewelry Hanger

Image via Flickr by Charles & Hudson

If you have a lot of necklaces and bracelets getting tangled in a drawer, consider this simple DIY project to proudly display your jewelry. For the simplest version, buy screw-in wall hooks and a small two-by-four piece of wood. While that would suffice to hang your necklaces, you can inject some creativity by using a piece of drift wood or by painting the two-by-four. Instead of using basic wall hooks, you could also use an eclectic assortment of furniture knobs.

Reupholster your Furniture

If you have dining room chairs, a rocking chair, or — if you’re feeling particularly ambitious — a sofa that needs some TLC, consider reupholstering the furniture yourself. Head to a craft store and pick out the fabric you like. If it’s high-traffic furniture, make sure you buy a sturdy fabric. Using pliers, remove the staples holding the current fabric in place. Cut the fabric so it’s the right size and place it tightly around the frame. Staple the new fabric into place, and voilà, you have up-cycled your chairs.

Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard is great for your kitchen or a child’s play area, but chalkboard paint gets expensive. Luckily, it’s easy to make your own chalkboard paint with latex paint and non-sanded grout. You may need a little trial and error to find the exact mix, but a good starting point is one part grout to eight parts paint. Just mix the two together, and you have your own chalkboard paint.

Upgrade a Dresser

Dressers are typically pricey, so consider refurbishing one you already own. If you want to start small, replace the hardware on an older dresser for an updated look. If you already own a dresser, sand it down and paint it, stain it, or white-wash it for a modern touch. You can also buy inexpensive dressers that are ready to be painted or stained to your desired color. Find hardware you like, and you have a modern and affordable dresser.

Build a Rolling Bar Cart

This project is manageable even for the novice handyman, but probably shouldn’t be your first DIY project. Once you’ve mastered smaller projects, it’s time to try this rolling bar cart. A rolling bar cart is the perfect accessory for any kitchen, and allows you to free up counter space while adding an attractive piece of furniture. For this project, you’ll need lumber, wheels, washers, screws, nails, and paint. You could also stain the wood. While this project certainly takes some time, the finished project is well worth it.

Start with small DIY projects. Once you’ve mastered them, you will feel more confidant to tackle bigger projects. Just be careful, because DIY projects get addicting, and soon you will have your whole home remodeled.








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  1. I love the chalkboard wall. I have a huge dry erase board on one of my walls for the kids in my office. I would have loved to have a chalkboard wall instead though (even though it would have been more messy in here.)

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