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Paint – The Ultimate In Refreshing Your Home For Spring

Paint – The Ultimate In Refreshing Your Home For Spring

Up the ante on your Spring Cleaning with a fresh coat of paint, an accent wall, or new front door color. Get a FREE Color Consultation and a FREE 8-ounce SAMPLE! Live colorfully and beyond wild imagination.

Update Your Home with Paint

It’s the Ultimate in Spring Cleaning


Luke and I have been talking about painting our home for quite a while, and finally, the time is here! We are super excited for the refreshing update to our living spaces. At the moment, we have white walls everywhere — except Rory’s room, where we did a complete makeover about a year and a half ago using Dunn-Edwards Paints, Break of Day for the walls with Whisper trim.

Professional Color Consultation

We knew we wanted to add some color. So, we scheduled an appointment with the  Dunn-Edwards Professional Color Advisor. Debbie was amazing! She sat down with us for a little over an hour talking with us, looking through the sample fabrics, photos, and flooring we’d brought along. We discussed the gloss levels for the paints and if any primer was needed.

Debbie also helped us with the various sundries we would need for the job — tape, rollers, brushes, pans, dropcloths, putty, putty knife, sandpaper, caulk and caulking gun, etc. Dunn-Edwards has everything you could possibly need for painting and/or staining! Don’t be intimidated,  Dunn-Edwards is not just for contractors — they are for the average Joe Home Owner too! They make painting easy.

Debbie was very knowledgeable and helpful, which was extremely helpful in navigating the 1,996 colors in Dunn-Edwards Perfect Palette® color system. Having a Color Advisor made the difficult color choosing process much easier. We went home with a couple of sample colors to test in our space. It is so important to see how the colors actually look in the lighting of your home.

Sampling and Ordering the Paints

The entire staff at Dunn-Edwards is friendly, professional, and extremely helpful. Tim, the assistant manager, got my samples ready for me. He even cut down a box to protect my truck — just in case.

Once we had painted our sample colors onto poster boards, we placed them on the walls and decided that to really make our fireplace pop, we wanted to try a little darker shade on the one wall. So, I went back and sat down for a few minutes with Debbie again. She helped me find just the right color. Bringing home another sample, I couldn’t wait to get it on poster board and see how it looked around the fireplace and our new mantel.


The Paint Calculator on the Dunn-Edwards website was easy to use and helped us figure out how much paint we needed for our project. Finally, we were ready to order our paint. I was off to the paint store. I gave Debbie my paint order and supplies list, and a few minutes later, I was walking out the door  — eager to start our project.

Prepping and Painting

With our paints and supplies taken care of, we began prepping the project. This 50-year-old house that spent about a third of its life as a rental property, needed a LOT of work. We patched and re-patched previous repairs; pulled the windows sills out and sanded them down to the bare wood, and more, but the hard work was going to be worth it in the end.

The Before Photos

As you can see, the walls, the cabinets, the doors, everything is WHITE! We were desperate to Live Colorfully. And, so, the project begins. The ultimate in refreshing our home for spring. Check out this video!

Dunn-Edwards Paints and supplies are excellent high-quality products. Everest Ultra Premium paint is a self-primer and has great one coat coverage. Our walls needed so much repair, that we chose to use the Multi-Surface Primer Ultra Grip; it is fantastic too.

Since April is Earth Month, I want to point out Dunn-Edwards mission to provide the best performing paint while being environmentally sound to protect the health and well-being of their customers. Their LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility, eco-efficient products, ingredients, and labeling are all part of the green legacy that makes Dunn-Edwards a leader in their field.

Our Final Colors from the Perfect Palette® Color System

  • Graham Cracker – DE6144
  • High Noon – DEC743
  • Inside Passage – DEC764
  • Whisper Gray – DEC785
  • Whisper – DEW340

We chose the Velvet Gloss for these walls. It really adds a depth of color that is warm and welcoming. We will use a Semi-Gloss for the doors, trim, kitchen, and cabinets.

This is just the first post of our home makeover. So keep an eye out for updates coming soon.







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37 thoughts on “Paint – The Ultimate In Refreshing Your Home For Spring”

  1. Wow!! I can’t wait to see the after photos! Such a huge undertaking but well worth it! I love, love the colors you chose! So warm & really show off the gorgeous fireplace!

  2. We’re painting our new home right now. It’s an exciting process and it definitely helps to have the right people to do the job.

  3. We are getting ready to repaint our living room and I’m so excited! A new color is like a fresh start and I’m excited to redecorate too!

  4. I love having a newly painted room. Always looks so clean. I had a color similar to the high noon in my old house. Absolutely loved just having color on my walls 🙂

  5. We just painted three walls in our house a nice soft gray color. I’m so happy with the look! We’ll be having a garage sale soon to get rid of the clutter. I can’t wait to get rid of stuff we don’t need. Clutter is stressful.

  6. Love the color! I was just talking to my husband today that i want to repaint our downstairs family room and retouch a few areas of the wall. Our walls are a deep khaki color and I love it but the family room walls were painted white when I moved in and want them grey.

  7. So true! When we end up painting different rooms in our house, it’s always me doing the painting. But I don’t mind it, seeing the after result is worth it!

  8. I agree! We just finished painting pretty much every room in our house and it looks so much brighter and better for spring! What a difference!

  9. There is absolutely nothing better than new paint! We just painted our office and it was completely amazing! It feels like a new room!

  10. I agree, paint can really change a lot of things especially the way that you see the house. It will give you a brand new energy. I think it’s a nice project to repaint during this season!

  11. That’s so cool you guys are painting the house! The color you chose is very pretty and I am excited to see final photos. #HomeMattersParty

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