Recycled Broken Malibu Lights for the Holidays -

Recycle Broken Malibu Lights for the Holidays -DIY

Recycled Broken Malibu Lights for the Holidays -

Broken Malibu Lights?

Do Something Fun for the Holidays!


Don’t you hate it when you have to throw away something you paid good money for? You were so excited about your purchase, you enjoyed it, and now it’s past its prime, worn-out, broken. Why not recycle Malibu lights.

Let’s face it. Malibu lights make a beautiful statement in our yards, but they take a beating in the sun, and from the gardener’s weed-whacker. So, somewhere down the line, the lights will need replacing.

So, what do you do with these dilapidated pieces?

Here’s a great Holiday Idea for old Malibu Lights…

You may have some of these goodies stored away in your holiday decorations. If not, you can certainly buy them new, or find them at a garage sale. Plastic lighted yard ornaments come in a multitude of shapes and styles for all the different holidays–Snowmen, Nativities, Easter Bunny, etc .

Pull the cord! Just pop that light right out of the back. I’m sure you can find another use for that light somewhere in your holiday decorating.

Instead of running unsightly extension cords around you yard, why not use recycled broken Malibu lights. Chances are, you all ready have the wire run in your yard, optimize it.

Start by trimming the electrical base of the Malibu light.

Size the newly cut base to the bottom of your lawn ornament.

Using a utility knife, cut a whole in the bottom of the ornament large enough for the Malibu base to fit through easily, but not overly large.

Hook-up the trimmed Malibu light  just like you normally would, by piercing the wire between the base and the stake.

Pick your location, and place the stake in the ground.

Tape or Tie-wrap the cords. You don’t have to do this step, but it makes for a neater presentation.

Place you ornament over the seated Malibu light.

And voila! You have an easy, cute, lighted lawn ornament for the holidays.

Aren’t my Malibu Jack-O’-Lanterns adorable? I love them!

Revitalize your old Malibu lights and lawn ornaments with this simple tutorial on Recycled Broken Malibu Lights for the Holidays.


Have you recycled Malibu lights?

What recycled or rejuvenated holiday tips do you have?

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37 thoughts on “Recycle Broken Malibu Lights for the Holidays -DIY”

  1. Sometimes I wish I could come up with creative stuff like that! You are so creative in the way you recycle this. I would never think of this. Love it!!!1

  2. That’s a great idea! I am pinning this. We can’t afford to decorate for fall this year because we have a had a lot going on, but I want to save this idea for next year. And share it with my pinterest “friends” because it’s adorable.

    1. The cost is the perfect part about this decoration for me. I reused old broken parts and combined them with decorations I already had. Zero cost. Woot! 🙂 Thanks for the pin and shares. 🙂

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