I’m Pumpkin Carving – Watch Me

Welcome to the Halloween Party!
Halloween Party - 7th Annual - A Fanciful Twist

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to carve a pumpkin and enter the contest. You can check out some great tips and tricks for pumpkin carving, as well as find a Pumpkin Prayer, see some Halloween Funnies, and even read the spooky Legend of the Jack-O’-Lantern. Follow more of the Halloween Party, HERE.

I’m Pumpkin Carving!

It’s that time of year where I get super busy with my pumpkin carving. I invite you to follow me on Instagram, where I will be posting pictures. You can see my work as it happens.

Stop by here, facebook, google+, or twitter to leave messages of encouragement for my carving marathon. Share on Pinterest or Hometalk.

Here’s what’s Carved, so far…

Singing Graveyard Busts 2014
Drac-n-Bat’s ’32 – 2014

Check out more at my Pumpkin Carving Page!

Enter the Pumpkin Carving Contest!

All entries will be  Pinned to Lorelai’s Pumpkin Carving Contest Board.

Carving Tips & Tricks…

Other fun Pumpkin Stuff…

Don’t forget to check out more of the Halloween Party HERE.







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27 thoughts on “I’m Pumpkin Carving – Watch Me”

  1. I was thinking of carving a pumpkin but I have never carved before. Well, I did not grow up in the tradition! Sounds like fun to carve all those pumpkins – Lorelai!

  2. Your energy is contagious! I am watching you carving and repurposing and so much more!
    If you have any energy secrets, please share.
    I saw the abdge for your audiobook walking challenge. That is something I would love to do.
    You have so many great ideas and thank you for sharing.

  3. As I said earlier. It is great ,great and awesome 🙂 Thank you for linking up at Home matters link up party. We would love to see you again next wednesday.

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