Jinx & Josie - Our New Kittens - Life With Lorelai

Kittens – Hijinx & Josette

Jinx & Josie - Our New Kittens - Life With Lorelai


Hijinx & Josette

(or, as they are more affectionately known, Jinx & Josie)


A week and a half ago, September 14th, we adopted two adorable little kittens–one boy, Jinx, and one petite little girl, Josie. They were born on June 29th, and Josie is less than half the size of her brother weighing just barely 2 pounds at 12 weeks old. We are so happy we took both kittens, because I don’t think either one of them would have done well alone. They are so playful, and Jinx really takes good care of his sister. There names fit them perfectly. Jinx is on the mischievous side, while Josie is dainty and gentle.

Josie must have been the runt of the litter, and no one seemed to care too much if she got to eat or not. Her fur was dull, she was skiddish of people, and she did not even know how to play. Well, she is a smart girl and a quick learner. Her fur is even starting to shine up like her brother’s with love and good food.

Jinx and Josie love to play and cuddle with each other as well as with us. They are learning their names, and even starting to come when called. Rory, especially, is thrilled with the kittens; she has wanted one for years.

They are black kitties with a dark brown striping in their undercoat, and bright green eyes–so pretty. Their coloring makes it challenging to snap good photos, but we’re having fun trying. LOL

It’s been an exciting time, and I’m sure there is loads more fun to come!

Welcome to your new home, Jinx & Josie!

Do you have any pets?

Any suggestions on how to train them to stay off the furniture?


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24 thoughts on “Kittens – Hijinx & Josette”

  1. Aw, kitties! I’m so glad you chose to adopt black cats. They’re the hardest ones to find homes for.
    As for getting them to stay off the furniture, welcome to cats, lol. Some people choose a spray bottle or something that makes noise, but I find those just scare the cat, then it gets back on the furniture anyways. Or in the case of the (permanent) foster I have now, he’ll just let you keep spraying him while he stares at you with an “okay, thanks for the bath” stare. Removal or distraction of the cat seems to work best. But perhaps I should just stop giving you advice, because my daughter’s cat is 10 and still tries to get on the table every day. Again, welcome to cats, lol.
    What I can help with is: A daily treat* of some fatty fish or fish oil will shine up Josie’s coat in no time and help her grow – if she’s going to catch up. *A small treat’s worth – A very small treat’s worth, or it could upset her tummy.

    1. Ha! Jenny, thanks for the cat tips! Yep, I think we are just going to have to learn to live with SOME of the getting on furniture, but it does seems to be getting a little better already…maybe they are just letting me think that. LOL Josie is starting to shine up already–it’s amazing what actually getting to eat can do for a cat’s health. She is still super tiny. 🙂

  2. We had cats for years. My youngest daughter absolutely loves them and she would be crazy for your new kittens. I love their names! We have a dog that is almost 2 years old. Max is a sweet (Big!) doggie.

  3. I love cute cats – as long as they aren’t in my home. My brother handles the crazy cat lady duty in our house with 9! Yours are definitely adorable and I am sure they will be happier together than they would have apart.

  4. How adorable they are!! I so miss having kitties!! After I had my son, my allergies to cats got so bad, it’s hard to even be around them anymore. Wish that could go away, so I could have one again! 🙂

  5. We have four kitties Pee Wee, Chloe, Lizzie and Ali. Ali is our black cat! All but one were found in our yard and we took them in. We love them and can’t imagine life without them. (Well, I can imagine a life without furballs all over the house. LOL) Thanks for sharing. They are so cute and Josie will grow fast now that she is in a good home.

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