I am pleased to introduce you to our fourth (and only international) Regular Contributor! Zen brings us a fabulously fun DIY project to add that special touch to your Fall fashion. See her brief bio at the end of the post.

DIY-Feathered-Hair-Clip-Anthropologie-Inspired - Life-With-Lorelai

DIY Feathered Hair Clip

Anthropologie Inspired


No tools Anthropologie inspired gold feather hair barrette

I love Anthropologie, but paying £20 (or $80) for a feather hairpin is nothing short of ridiculous to me! Even if I could afford to pay so much for it, it would just seem wasteful. So, after a quick rummage through my DIY supplies, I put together this quick and simple Anthropologie inspired gold feather hairpin craft project. Here are a couple of pictures of US and UK versions from Anthropologie.


What you need:


– my new crafting favourite, a sharpie! For other sharpie DIYs, check out DIY: 3 ways Sharpie can refresh your craft collection

hair pin or bobby pin (available everywhere. You may even have some from your schoolgirl days lying around, as I did!)




Only 4 items, can you believe it?

If you don’t have a Sharpie, you can always use gold spray paint or gold nail polish on the feather but the nail polish needs a lot more time to dry and spray painting is just impractical for anyone without an outside area in their flat!


Step 1


Colour the feather gold with the Sharpie. You may need to do several coats to cover the underlying colour and pattern of the feather. Leave to dry for a bit in between coats to avoid getting gold speckled fingers.


Oh, and you may want to trim the feather to your desired length. Just use a pair of scissors and snip–easy peasy!



Step 2


Flip the dried, now gold feather around. Apply glue to the bobbed/ wavy end of the hairpin; then, press firmly down onto the feather. Hold for 30 seconds if your glue is slow drying; then, leave to dry. Personally, I would use a fast drawing glue such as 401 for this project.


This project is so easy you can do it with your kids! They can do the colouring, and you the gluing–you don’t want them to stick all their fingers together. LOL


What do you think of your new hair accessory? Don’t you think it looks strikingly like the original?


It looks great for a night out in a little black dress or a casual day in jeans. And assuming you have a Sharpie and glue, it only costs £1 and not £20! Money saved for other craft projects. Check out my other Anthropologie inspired DIY projects.


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