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Locks of Love

A Hair Cut for a Cause


Got Hair?

How about donating some of it to Locks of Love?

My daughter, Rory, has a Mitochondrial Disorder that she has suffered from her entire life. When she was young (2-8 years old), she would periodically have to deal with Alopecia Areata, where she would have dime-size to silver-dollar-size areas with no hair. Her hair would just come out in clumps for no apparent reason. This made for a challenge in trying to hide these spots and keeping her hair looking nice.

When Rory was in 1st Grade, her school did an event for Locks of Love. What an amazing organization. They provide wigs for children with medical issues such as what Rory had, cancer, and more. My sister, niece, and I all cut our hair (a minimum of 10 inches) for donation. Rory could not do it but made it a personal goal to someday donate to Locks of Love.

I have no answer to why Rory no longer suffers from this affliction, but the girl has a head of hair now that you would not believe… long, thick, gorgeous, healthy! A couple of years ago, Rory’s hair was long enough and healthy enough to reach her goal.


Then, mom went to town chopping and hacking off Rory’s pony-tailed hair and trying to make a nice style for her. Here is the result…



One very happy girl!!!

But best of all, Rory finally got to make her contribution to this extremely worthy cause! If you would like to organize an event or just want to donate some hair, check out Locks of Love, here.


Since this post was originally written, Rory has again cut and donated her hair to Locks of Love. She got together with a friend to support this amazing project. Why not host your own cut-a-thon? It is easy to donate to Locks of Love.







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