Pamper Cats With Pet-Tacular Finds

Pamper Cats With These Awesome Finds


Oh, my gosh! I was so excited to hear about the Pet-Tacular Event at the Grocery Outlet. Since I love to pamper my sweet kitties, Jinx and Josie, I had to head on over to see what I could find. Grocery Outlet has a lot of stuff available for cats and dogs right now. Get over there and check it out! #GroceryOutletPettacular #GroceryOutlet

Pamper Cats With Pet-Tacular Finds

You can pamper cats, pamper dogs, or pamper them both! Grocery Outlet has a variety of name brand pet foods and treats such as Natural Balance; Nature’s Recipe; Meow Mix; 9 Lives; Beneful; Pedigree; Greenies; Milo’s Kitchen; Dingo; Waggin Trail; Purina and more.

The prices are amazing because Grocery Outlet takes advantage of closeouts, packaging changes, and order cancelations to bring you quality products at the very best prices — 40% to 70% off traditional stores. Right now, you should definitely hit up the Pet-Tacular Event!

I picked up a Cat Self Groom’r that Jinx absolutely adores. It’s a 3 in 1 groomer, massager, and scratcher that even comes with a small packet of catnip. He likes rubbing the bristle arch and scratching at the carpeted base.

Josie has an addiction to all things fleece. She has a couple of fleece beds and a huge cuddly fleece blanket. So, when I saw the Cat Scratch and Rest soft fleece with sisal scratcher, I knew that was the purchase for her. It is so cute, shaped like a fish and has a crinkle tail. Josie and Jinx love to attack the fish eye — LOL. Josie suckles into the fleece and kneads away with the loudest purrs ever.

Another item I picked up at the Pet-Tacular Event was the Pet Spa Glove. This glove makes it super easy to pet your cat or dog while giving them a massage and removing loose fur from their coat. Jinx and Josie love to be petted or brushed with the spa glove.


Pamper your pets at the Grocery Outlet Pet-Tacular Event! Find pet food, grooming supplies, beds, toys, and more for your cats and dogs. Get there quick to discount shop for your pet. #ad #GroceryOutletPettacular #GroceryOutlet #cat #dog #pet Click To Tweet

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Grocery Outlet, a discount grocery that carries everything you can find at your regular grocery store — fresh produce, canned goods, frozen foods, bakery, snacks, baking supplies, cleaners, health and beauty, holiday items, and more. So stop by and see what you can find for less. Shopping Grocery Outlet is like going on a treasure hunt, you never know exactly what surprises are in store.

Pamper Cats and Dogs today at the Pet-Tacular Event!

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