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This is the Second article in a Three-part Series. If you missed the First installment of X-ray of a Blog, please go check it out.



The heart monitor beeps.

Doctor, we’re losing him.

Hand me the paddles. Give me 360 joules.

Ready, Doctor.



The X-ray of a Blog

In this three-part series, we will explore the attributes and make-up of a blog. In part one, we examined the Skeleton, Skin, Nervous System, and Brain. Part Two explores the Heart, Soul, Mouth, Eyes and Ears, and Hands. Once again, you will find links to help explain and provide you with more detail. Onto the X-ray…

candy heartsThe Heart

Posts are the heart, pumping life into your blog. Every entry a blogger makes needs to be well written and well planned. That does not mean that every post requires an exorbitant amount of research or time. Just be sure that what you post well done. It is not always easy to know what to post about; maybe some of these links will help.

funny-cat-pictures-lolcats-teh-soul-train-s-brokeThe Soul

A blogs Soul allows the reader to get to know the author. The style of writing, the About Page, and the personality of the blogger shines through. Readers like to connect with the blogger. Share your Soul; show them who you are.

small-wind-up-chattering-teeth-hopping-feet-toy-mouth-The Mouth

A mouth speaks, and that communication through a blog comes in the form of comments. Comments not only from your readers, but also from replies back from you, the blogger. Interact with your readers, engage them in conversation, encourage feedback. Commenting on blogs you read is also very important. Leaving comments not only helps gain readers and followers, but also it can be key in triggering inspiration for your blog.

mr-potato-head eyes and earsThe Eyes and Ears

You cannot use the senses of taste, touch, and smell on a blog, so the Eyes and Ears become all the more important. Be sure to use photographs, graphics, and videos to the best possible advantage.

Graphics and Fonts: A How To

Get Images To Behave In Blogger

How To Edit Photos with Pixlr Express

Top Ten PicMonkey Tutorials

How To Label Your Photos for Pinterest

10 Tips For Taking Pictures of Your Kids

One Simple Tip to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Make Sense of Shooting Modes

Clip Art Sources

How To Make Clip Art For Your Blog

Vlogging Tips

Video Blogging Tips & Tricks

7 Vlogging Tips to Become a Brand Ambassador

YouTube Optimization

funny-peace-sign-handsThe Hands

Learn how to use your Hands to make your blog more interesting. Give your readers the opportunity to be interactive on your site with games, forms, surveys, printables, downloads and more.

How to Make Printable Recipes

How to Attach a Document to a Blog Post

How To PDF

How To Create a Printable on PicMonkey

How To Create a Printable on Microsoft Word

How To Add Zip Files to Blogger

This series is jammed packed with great information. I hope you find it helpful.
Part Three of this X-ray of a Blog Series will examine the Muscles, Health, Feet, Veins, and Stomach. Look for it next Wednesday, August 21st.

What did you find most helpful or interesting?

Do you have any tips or tricks you can share?

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