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Arugula Salad

with Tomato and Pignolias


This salad is so simple yet super delicious and healthy for you. It can be ready to eat in ten minutes or less. How great is that?

Here’s how you do it…

Ingredients Collage - Arugula Salad

You’ll need Wild Arugula, Grape Tomatoes, a regular garden-sized Tomato, and raw Pignolias (Pine Nuts). I used a Lemon Boy tomato from our yard, which added a nice yellow color to the salad. If you can’t find Grape Tomatoes, any type of mini tomato will work just fine.


Build Your Arugula Salad

Toast the Pignolias in a skillet with Olive Oil, Coarse Sea Salt, and freshly ground Pepper. Cut the Grape tomatoes in half diagonally, and chop the garden tomato. Place the Arugula in a bowl, then the tomatoes, top with the toasted pignolias, and toss.


Arugula Salad promo - Life With Lorelai

We served this as a side salad with burgers, hot off the grill, and one of our favorite grilled side dishes, Sour Cream, Cilantro, Parsley Potatoes.



BBQ Plate with Arugula Salad


Here’s a Printable recipe, just for you…

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Arugula Salad With Tomato & Pignolias
Prep time
Total time
Wild Arugula Salad with Grape Tomatoes, Lemon Boy Tomatoes, and toasted Pignolias (Pine Nuts)
Type: salad
  • I Bag - Wild Arugula
  • Grape Tomatoes (or any mini tomato)
  • Lemon Boy Tomatoes (or any other type of garden tomato)
  • Raw Pignolias (Pine Nuts)
  • Olive Oil
  • Coarse Sea Salt
  • Fresh Ground Pepper
  1. Put a skillet on to get hot with a little Olive Oil
  2. Toast Pignolias with Salt and Pepper to taste
  3. Wash Arugula
  4. Slice Grape Tomatoes in half diagonally
  5. Chopped Lemon Boy Tomato
  6. Place cleaned Arugula in a Bowl
  7. Put in both types of Tomatoes
  8. Top with Toasted Pignolias
  9. Toss


You’ve all heard your mother say to Eat Your Greens, but this Arugula Salad makes it a very tasty proposition! I hope you will enjoy.

Do you have any tasty Arugula recipes?

What kind of easy healthy sides do you like to serve with BBQ?

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