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Haunted Mirror – A Halloween DIY

Haunted Mirror - Halloween DIY - Life With Lorelai

Haunted Mirror

A Hauntingly Spooktacular Halloween DIY


Today, I have something really fun for you. If you have hung around here for any time at all, you know that I love Halloween. So, when Jason at Dealspotr.com asked me to collaborate with him on a Halloween post for their website, I was thrilled.

Dealspotr.com is the best community for finding and sharing deals. I used the resources on the Dealspotr website, and armed myself with great coupons for purchasing the supplies I would need. You can read more about that here–they helped me get a lot of Fright for very little Bite!

This DIY Halloween project is really very easy to create.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 Can – Krylon Looking Glass Silver Spray Paint
  • 1 – 8″ x 10″ Picture Frame
  • 1 – Image to fit an 8″ x 10″ Frame
  • Scotch Tape

How to Make the Haunted Mirror:

  • Choose your Image
  • Scan Image and create an Inverse Image
  • Print out two copies – 1 Original Image, and 1 Inverse Image
  • Take Glass out of picture frame. Clean Glass very well.
  • Tape the Inverse Image to the front or outside of the glass (image side facing the glass). This allows you to see exactly where your image will be once it is in the frame, and will help you during the spray painting.
  • Place glass image side down on your spraying surface. You can see the image through the glass.
  • Shake Krylon spray paint vigorously
  • Spray the entire glass with a fine mist of paint
  • Then add more paint in small spurts, especially to the areas around your image. You want there to be enough paint to create a mirror, but lighter paint on top of the image so that it shows through.
  • Let the paint dry for at least one hour
  • Remove the Inverse image from the front of the glass and clean glass carefully.
  • Place glass back into the frame–Glass side out, Painted side to the inside.
  • Load the Original Image into the frame

Time for some Tips:

  • Clean the glass, then wipe it down with alcohol. Any fingerprints or oils will interfere with the paint sticking properly.
  • Blushing: If you get blushing with your spray paint, don’t worry. The Krylon Looking Glass washes right off easily with a little soap and water. (What is Blushing? Blushing occurs when there is high humidity in the air. The moisture settles on the not cured paint and causes a milky whiteness or flat white look in the paint. This happened to me on my first attempt, because I did the spraying after the marine layer came in from the ocean–silly me.)
  • Tips for your Image:
    • Areas not showing up well – I had a large white area on my image over about half the face. So, I used colored pencil to draw it in better.
    • White is showing up to bright – Again, this was the case for me, so I sprayed a light coating of the Looking Glass spray paint directly onto my image to tone it down. This worked great, and also gave the image another dimension.
    • Be sure that you have enough paint around your image to make the glass really look like a mirror. That way your image will appear to be coming through the mirror–a very spooky effect. (You can clearly see the apple in the reflection.)
  • So, just play around with it, until you reach your desired effect.

Being that this project is making a mirror, it is difficult to photograph (at least for me any way). But I think I managed to get some pretty cool shots of the Haunted Mirror–take a look…

Notice the reflections in the mirror…

The reflection here is a hutch. It almost looks like the lady is pushing her way through the wood.

Look at her reaching for that apple–Who is the fairest of them all…

Imagine catching that face out of the corner of your eye…spine chilling.

I hope you have enjoyed our little Haunted Mirror Halloween DIY project. There was a lot of fun had while making it for you. Have a Hauntingly Spooktacular Halloween!

Coming Up:

Jason from Dealspotr.com is writing a post that will publish here on Tuesday:
5 Up-cycling Ideas For Kids Room Decorations
Be sure to come by and check them out!

How do you like to decorate for Halloween?

Do you have any Halloween DIY projects planned?


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42 thoughts on “Haunted Mirror – A Halloween DIY”

  1. I feel like asking that mirror who the fairest of them all is! It’s so lifelike and so spooky! You always come up with the best projects! This would be great at a Halloween party.

  2. Good Morning Lorelai!! Just popping in to let you know your post has been picked as a feature at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party! Stop by this morning to see your feature and link up!

  3. This is amazing! I love this and I am wondering if I can get a good spray with the humidity we have here in Florida. I also don’t know how to print and inverse image. This is such a great project for Halloween. I will be pinning this and sharing at FB and Twitter. I would love it it you would stop by on Saturday after 8 PM EST and share this at Celebrate it Sunday!

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