Christmas Gifts Your Tech-savvy Kids Will Adore

Our friend, Peter Minkoff, is back to share some great Christmas Gifts ideas for the kids on your shopping list.


Christmas Gifts Your Tech-savvy Kids Will Adore

In the era of technological developments and expansion of the Internet, kids have slightly different wishes and expectations than we had had when we were young, when it comes to Christmas gifts. It is sometimes difficult to live up to those expectations, simply because we as parents are not familiar with the newest gadgets and devices. If you are one of us – don’t worry! Here is a list of Christmas gifts your tech-savvy kids will adore.


  1. Portable Speakers

Today’s kids love listening to music wherever they go, and they will all agree that sometimes a smartphone’s speakers are not enough. This is exactly why portable speakers should jump in. They can ensure your kids terrific sounds that will last for up to 100 hours without recharging. You can even buy those for all of your kids – stacking them together will increase the volume to the max. These usually come with a travel pouch and USB charger, and there is often a light underneath them, which turns on when speakers are working.


  1. Smart Watch for Kids

Wearable technology is definitely becoming a part of the mainstream, and that is true for kids as well. Smart watches that are aimed at 5-12 year-olds include a camera, a voice recorder with funny voice effects for playback, and video recording with the possibility of editing, as well as educational games. What is great is that a USB port enables downloading all the photos and videos to a computer. These also feature small colour touch screens with different watch faces that your kids can choose from. Besides that, there are some traditional features, such as stopwatch and countdown timer.


  1. Barbie’s Colour Changing Handbag

Even though Barbie doll is famous for the iconic pink colour, this latest toy proves that not everything related to her has to be pink. This clever handbag changes its colour by using sensors on the rear and numerous LED lights. Your daughter just needs to press her new handbag against a piece of clothing she wants to match it up with, and press the button on the handbag. A few seconds later, the primarily white bag lights up and changes colour into the one that it was pressed against. This intriguing item is particularly appropriate for younger girls, simply because they will be thrilled to see how the colours change in just several seconds.


  1. Tech Doll

An interactive smart doll is a perfect choice for your tech-savvy daughter. Even though she looks like a typical doll, she can actually talk and respond to voices. She is capable of answering some general knowledge questions and communicating with your daughter, however, in a slightly robotic manner. This doll can even connect to the Internet via smartphone or Android app, and find correct answers online. Besides that, you should know that she does not allow swear words, which is very important – she responds with “That is not appropriate!”


  1. Video Games

Both teenagers and younger children love playing video games. Having that in mind, it is always a good idea to make your kids happy by purchasing the one that is age-appropriate, fun and educational at the same time. There are many great games that can be played online for free, such as Poptropica Mythology Island, but you can consider purchasing your kids an exclusive membership as a Christmas present. This will allow them to play some islands that are member-exclusive, as well as to have unlimited costumes and special powers in the game. You can be sure that they will be thrilled to get such a gift!


As you can see, picking a gift for your tech-savvy children can be quite a tricky task, especially if you are not familiar with gadgets and the latest technological improvements. However, that does not mean that you will be unable to choose something appropriate – just listen to your kids’ wishes and pay attention to their personal interests. Of course, these gifts require slightly greater amounts of money, but that’s fine. Your youngest ones will be ecstatic, and that’s what counts.


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