Morning Routines Make Great Day Starters

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I love the quiet, early (but not too early) morning hours of the day. My family is still asleep, and I have those moments all to myself. My morning routines restore my body and soul, refresh my spirit, and set me on a great path for a happy and productive day.


Morning Routines

Make Great Day Starters


There is some thing comforting about having a routine. It provides a sense of security and calm. My morning routines are important to me, and they make me feel better as a whole person. Each day brings new challenges, but with my routine in place, I know I can meet whatever lies ahead.

5 Morning Routines I don’t like to miss:


1. Morning Walk with Audiobook

I love to go walking in the cool crispness of morning. Whether it is at a park or along the beach, the scenery, scents, nature, and wildlife always put a smile on my face. Sometimes life can be stressful, and these walks help alleviate the pressure bringing serenity and tranquility to my life. One of my most favorite things about my walk is enjoying an audiobook. I love to read, especially cozy mysteries, and reading via bluetooth while walking is fantastic. It is also a great motivator to walk each day, as I can’t wait to hear more of my story. I listen to my audiobooks while doing chores as well, it makes everything go faster, and I don’t mind having to do the boring work as much.

2. Coffee and Reflection

There is nothing like the aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. I may have a slight coffee addiction, okay, it’s a big coffee addiction. I love to have several cuppas while I relax, do a morning devotional, or just have a few moments of self reflection. And, then, I may have a couple more cups for good measure.


3. Breakfast and Vitamins

With my coffee and reflection, I am often times fixing my breakfast. I know you have all heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is true, even if it is just a bowl of cereal. Perhaps, you may want to try my Cracklin’ Oat Bran Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes or Peanut Butter Raspberry Smoothie. I find that when I have a good breakfast, I have a much more productive day. Everything runs more smoothly and timely. Part of my breakfast ritual is taking my vitamins, they are quick and easy to take, and help make living a busy, healthy lifestyle easier. I recently found Centrum’s NEW Vitamints and MultiGummies at Walgreens. They taste great and  have no overpowering and horrible vitamin aftertaste. Blech! I hate that awful aftertaste. The MultiGummies are easy to chew and have nice fruity flavors. Centrum’s Raspberry Vitamints are my favorite! They are essential vitamins you enjoy like a mint, and they do leave your mouth refreshingly minty.


I was also happy to discover that Walgreens has a partnership with Vitamin Angels, an organization that gets vitamins to kids in need around the globe. Walgreens makes a donation to Vitamin Angels with every vitamin purchase, “Get Vitamins Here. Change Lives Everywhere.”

4. Organizing My Day

Every night, I think about what needs to be accomplished during the next day. So, in the morning, I like to take everyone’s schedule into account, and any last minutes things that have cropped up (this happens quite often with Luke’s business, his dad, and Rory). I love to make lists, and scratch items off as I get them finished. I find the accountability of a list motivating and a completed list satisfying.


5. Cuddle and Playtime with Jinx and Josie

Ah, my two adorable kitties, Jinx and Josie, are the sweetest little things. Jinx likes to get up early. He thinks his stomach is always hungry. And, if I try to sleep in just a little, he will jump up on the bed and purr in my face (his whiskers tickling me), nudge the door so it makes noise, and finally resort to irritating and waking up Josie to join in his plight. He is a drama queen. That big boy needs to be held and cuddled every morning first thing, and of late, he needs to be walked to the kitchen to his food bowl–he doesn’t want to go alone…geesh, the whimp. LOL Josie patiently waits for her loving cuddles. The cats run amok and play, while I’m off for my walk and make my way through the rest of my morning routine. Then, they know it is cuddle and playtime with mom. Jinx and Josie are so much fun, and give so much love, they are definitely restorative and energizing. You can follow all the cute cat antics of Jinx and Josie on Instagram with their hashtag: #JinxandJosie


From there, it is onto my list of things to do for the day. I hope you can use my routine as inspiration to create your own daily habit if you don’t already have one. If you do, what morning routines do you enjoy?

Are essential vitamins part of your daily routine? Don’t forget to purchase vitamins at Walgreens, and be a part of donating to Vitamin Angels. Learn more about this philanthropic program in this video.


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30 thoughts on “Morning Routines Make Great Day Starters”

  1. Jinx and Josie are adorable!! And I had no idea that Walgreens was partnered in sharing vitamins with kids in need – so awesome & a perfect reason to buy there.

    (PS I’m probably not getting all that my body needs but I do take vitamins!) 😉

    1. Aww, thanks Trish. We love our Jinx and Josie and think they are pretty cute too. The Vitamin Angels partnership with Walgreens really is fantastic. It’s nice to know you are helping others with something so simple as helping yourself. 🙂

  2. This looks like such a nice park to walk around at! Your kitties are also too cute! I am excited to try the Raspberry Vitamints as well.

    1. This is my favorite park to walk at. It really takes you right out of the city and into nature. You are going to love the Raspberry Vitamints, Amy. And bonus, you get to help needy kids around the world! 🙂

  3. Easing into the day on one’s own terms is so great. Whatever the routine is, it’s important to have one. It makes life much easier

  4. What a gorgeous place for a morning walk! I’m a morning person who enjoys that early quiet time too.
    We have Centrum vitamins in our cabinet right now. Vitamin angels is awesome!

  5. Still need to get some vitamins but as a nursing mother, I tend to stick with what is recommended for that reason. My kids have chewy one like these but for their ages (not Centrum). But it just dawned on me that Centrum vitamins was a big part of my diet as a teenager. My family loved it.

  6. I love waking early and having the house all to myself for an hour or so. I do my best work early in the morning before the sun gets up. Then I love to watch the sunrise while I have coffee. It’s my favorite part of the day.

  7. What a beautiful place to enjoy!! It’s always great to have a routine in place…especially for me in the mornings, which I’m not too fond of! ha/ha #HomeMattersParty

  8. Wish there was a park like that near to where I live.Looks lovely and calm. I should probably check that vitamints at walgreens. Hugs to Jinx and Josie 🙂 #HomeMattersParty

  9. This sounds like a wonderful way to start the day off. I have tried to get on the coffee bandwagon and was on it for a short period of time, but quickly jumped back off it. I love having cuddle time with my dog, Spyro every morning so I can understand you taking time with your kittens in the morning.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas with us on the #HomeMattersParty.

  10. I need to try the audio books. I love reading and sometimes it’s hard to make time to sneak away and read in a quiet place. We have 10-12 kids home with us this summer! My only morning routine is trying to grab a cup of coffee before any kids wake up!

  11. I agree with you about morning routines – those are great ways to start your day 🙂 Thanks for sharing them here and at the #HomeMattersParty

  12. Coffee is one thing I look forward to every morning but I’m still a one cup drinker. Okay so it is a large cup! I envy your nice walking trail in the park. I live on a hill and I do walk the dogs every morning but that hill is daunting to get back up. Thanks for sharing your morning rountine. #HomeMattersParty

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