Keep Pets Healthy and Your Home Clean – Tips

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Keep Pets Healthy and Your Home Clean

Get helpful tips on protecting your pets


It’s National Pet Month! So, in celebrating our furry friends, I wanted to share some tips on how to keep pets healthy. Part of keeping your pet healthy is maintaining a clean home.

We’ve been pretty lucky with our cats, Jinx and Josie, they don’t spit up furballs or throw up often, but when they do, we can embrace life’s messes with the help of the Libman Wonder Mop®. It has Microfiber GRIPSTRIPS™ that lift up to 20% more dirt and a power wringer to remove more water from the mop head. Best yet (as far as I’m concerned – LOL), you can toss the Wonder Mop mop head into the washing machine! Now, that makes for easy cleanup. The mop head can go through 50 washing cycles before it needs to be replaced. Awesome, right?

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Here are some other ways we keep our pets healthy:

  • Pet Medical Binder

It is important to get your pet regular veterinary care to keep their health at its best — shots, flea/tick treatments, spay/neuter, worming, etc. Pay attention to your pet and if something seems off, don’t hesitate to get it checked out. Keep track of your pet’s health records and microchip registration. Jinx and Josie have a binder with a record of all the shots they have received, the surgeries, antibiotics, and so forth. This way, if you need to change vets, or are on vacation with your pet, you have their history easily accessible.

  • Wash Food and Water Bowl Daily

Would it be healthy for you to eat off dirty dishes? No, and neither is it for your pet. Make sure to wash food and water bowls daily. Provide fresh food each day, and make sure to refrigerate leftover wet food properly.

  • Clean Litter Box Daily

Cats are very particular about their litter box. They like it and want it to be clean. This is also something that is super important to your cat’s urinary health. Cats get urinary infections easily, so be sure to scoop out the box one to two times per day — more if you have multiple cats. Completely wash the litter box and provide fresh litter at least once a week.

  • Brush Fur

Brushing your pet’s coat helps them get rid of excess fur. Not only does that help keep your home cleaner, it helps keep your pet from swallowing fur as they lick themselves. Cats are especially susceptible to furballs.

  • Play with your Pet

Play with your pet. Not only is it great bonding time and lots of fun, but it also provides exercise to keep your pet trim and healthy.


Get Cleaning with Libman!

Let The Libman Company help you keep your home clean for your pets with the Wonder Mop and other cleaning supplies.

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Keep Pets Safe







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Well Yes! To A Stronger, Healthier, Happier Life

This shop, Well Yes! To A Stronger, Healthier, Happier Life, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WellYesMoment #CollectiveBias

Be inspired by this story of personal strength and determination while eating a delicious and nutritious cup of Well Yes!® Soup.


Well Yes! To A Stronger, Healthier, Happier Life

A Story of Challenge and Personal Determination.


There is something beautiful about a person who is confident, positive, and happy despite any struggles and challenges they may face. This type of person is an inspiration and encouragement to others with their strength and determination.

It is a mindset, one they live by day-by-day. One that starts with making good choices. Good choices such as eating deliciously crafted food, with real nutritious ingredients like Well Yes!® Soup. Good choices that inspire Moments of Yes!


Today, I’d like to share one such Moment of Yes!

My daughter, Rory, was born with a mitochondrial disorder — an energy metabolism disorder. What does that mean? Well, basically, she doesn’t always have the energy to make her body function properly. Because of this, she spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital while growing up, and that meant she missed a lot of schooling.

School Is A Challenge

The lowest point of her illness came when she was in the sixth grade as she spent six months in the hospital. She was at a children’s hospital, so that meant she could get some sort of schooling. But here is the rub, to qualify for schooling, your admission must last for two weeks, then your schooling may begin. Once discharged in the hospital’s computer system, even if immediately readmitted, your two-week waiting period begins all over again. Just think how crazy that is for chronically ill kids.

Well, during this six months in the hospital, they would try to get Rory home and discharge her. Sometimes we didn’t even leave the hospital room before being readmitted, others we’d get part way home before turning around, and a couple of times we made it home for a few hours before returning. That meant her schooling was constantly disrupted, and then you have to take into account the fact that she was gravely ill and not up to school as well.

Once Rory’s health stabilized somewhat, she qualified for medical home teaching through special education at the public school. They promised us that she would be able to achieve her high school diploma, after all, she had until she reached 21 years of age. It was important to me, but more importantly, the high school diploma was important to Rory. She is a smart girl; she could do the work and accomplish her goal.

Fighting To Make Dreams Come True

Of course, receiving only 2-hours of teaching 2-days a week, makes for slow progress, but that is all the California school district allows. As she turned seventeen, the school district suddenly changed their tune about Rory getting her diploma. They wanted her to take the test for her GED and move on her way. Her teacher was appalled, I was upset, and Rory was staunch in her decision that a GED was not acceptable to her. She was determined to earn her high school diploma!

With Rory leading the charge, we persevered. She earned her high school diploma! It was a fantastic and emotional day, a definite Moment of Yes!

Today, Rory attends a local college where she works hard and has attained membership in the Honors Society, Phi Theta Kappa. Can we say, “Proud Mama?” Well Yes!

Rory sips her favorite flavor, Tomato Carrot Bisque, from our vintage Campbell’s Soup mug.


Find Your Moment of Yes!

So, I encourage you to make your own Moments of Yes! Find the courage and the strength to make your dreams a reality. A great way to start is with a real, nutritious bowl of Well Yes! Soup.

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Well Yes! Soups are made with real, non-GMO ingredients with no antibiotics, contain no artificial flavors or colors, and is packaged with non-BPA linings. There are nine featured flavors. Some of our favorite flavors are Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice; Chicken Noodle; Tomato Carrot Bisque; Minestrone with Kale; and Sweet Potato Corn Chowder. YUM! These unique flavors challenge the status quo of canned soups.

So, say yes to the good stuff so you have what you need to say yes in the rest of your life. Well Yes! A Soup in the Right Direction®!

Want Savings? Click HERE for a printable COUPON!

Looking for another heartwarming story? Check out A Random Act of Kindness and see one woman’s amazing Moment of Yes! You just won’t believe what happened…

Do you have a Well Yes! Moment? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Or you can share them on Facebook and Instagram and find additional inspiration too.







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School Year Tips To Shine With Success

This post, School Year Tips To Shine With Success, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MomentsShineWithWindex #CollectiveBias

Shine with success this school year with great tips: first day of school photo ideas, organization charts, homework station ideas, and free printables.


School Year Tips To Shine With Success

Make Moments Sparkle


Can you believe it? Back-to-school is here! This is always a special and hectic time for families with school-age kids, even when they are heading off to college (Ha! Maybe more so). But, through the years I have learned a thing or two, and now I am going to share them with you.

These ideas for a successful school year are easy to implement and change up to meet your needs. Be creative! I even created a few FREE PRINTABLES that you can download. My hope is that you will find these ideas helpful and fun.

First Day of School Photo Ideas:

The first day of school means PICTURES! So, be prepared, grab your Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and make moments shine. You definitely don’t want grubby fingerprints on windows in the background.

Give these creative and easy ideas a try.

  • Use Chalk Markers to write and draw on glass or chalkboard.

I did this with Rory this year — college bound. We have pictures from every school year of the kids in front of our car or truck. It is a nice way to look back and remember what life was like at that moment in time, including our ride.

A couple of really nice things about using chalk markers on the windows — they are easy to write with and very easy to clean with Windex® products, check it out…

Clean your windows first. Windex® Original Glass Wipes work great for this.

Draw and Write on your windows to make your moments shine. Then, it is easy to clean up with the Windex® Original Glass Cleaner spray. The spray helps loosen up the dried chalk. Watch how easy…

  • Use Sidewalk Chalk and draw a large number for the grade your child is entering on the driveway. Decorate the number with style and personal flair. Then, have your child sit in the number or next to it for the photo.
  • Make a small pennant banner that your child can hold for the picture. Write or glue the words: First Day of School, 1st Grade, 2017, or whatever you want to say to create a special memory.
  • Frame a printable and have your child hold it for the picture. You can download and personalize the FREE PRINTABLE I created just for you.

Click to Download the First Day of School Printable

Remember, be camera-ready with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner or Windex® Original Glass Wipes.

Then, take advantage of this fabulous OFFER: Buy 2 Windex® products and get $20 to shop at Shutterfly®. This is a limited time offer. Disclaimer: Offer valid 7/15/17 – 12/1/17. Visit here for terms and conditions. Notice those dates, you can buy more Windex® products and use the offer for Halloween and Thanksgiving photos too!


Get Organized for the New School Year:

Start the school year with a plan. Children do very well with a schedule, it gives them a sense of purpose and a semblance of security. If they know what to expect next, you will have an easier time getting them to accomplish it. Schedules help set your child up for success!

  • Set Schedules
  • Morning: Wake up time, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, leave for school, etc.
  • After School: Have a snack, do homework, play outside, eat dinner, quiet reading time or studying, take a bath, pack your backpack for the next day, set out your shoes and clothes for school, etc.
  • Bed Time: Have a set time your child is supposed to go to bed. Making sure your child gets enough sleep each night and is well-rested will help to ensure they have a good learning day a school.
  • Have a specified place for backpacks and other items to be placed. If you are not searching all over the house for things your morning will go much smoother. Less stress, less fighting, and arguing is better for everyone’s day.

I have created a couple Organization Charts that will help your child stay on task between getting home from school and going to bed. You can download these FREE PRINTABLES. You have a choice of two different color schemes.

Click to Download I’m Ready For School Organization Chart – yellow


Click to Download I’m Ready For School Organization Chart – pink


Put this chart on your refrigerator and use magnets to mark the accomplishments daily.


Homework Station Ideas:

Homework stations were a big part of a successful school year for us. We had one set up in our kitchen, where the kids could sit at the table to do their work, and I could be getting dinner ready for the family. The nice thing was that I was there and available for any questions that may arise. We had a cabinet where all of our homework necessities were stored.

We also had homework supplies in the car/truck. Why not take advantage of the time while one child is sitting around waiting for the other sibling for sports practice or ballet lessons? The more you get finished early, the more free time you have at home at night as a family.

  • Set up a place in your home where your child(ren) will do homework every day.
  • Find somewhere to store all our homework supplies: notebook paper; graph paper; pencils; erasers; glue; paper clips; stapler and staples, colored pencils; crayons; markers; etc. Be sure supplies are easily accessible to your child.
  • Use a Lazy Susan or turntable to place your supplies on the table. That way your kids can just spin the supplies to reach what they need.

Supplies on the go.

  • Keep a smaller amount of the same school supplies in your vehicle. Colored pencils work better than crayons and markers as they do not melt.
  • Have chairs for your kids, so they have a place to sit.
  • A lap desk or board helps to give stability for writing.


Whatever you are doing, however you celebrate and organize for the new school year, remember to get things clean and make your moments sparkle with Windex® products, America’s #1 glass cleaner — famous for streak-free shine!* For more information and ideas for use follow Windex® on Facebook and Twitter.

And do make use of the Shutterfly® offer, generations of your family will thank you.

Want another fun idea for school? Check out this fun video tutorial, Cool For School or Anytime… Shoelacing!

Here’s to a happy and organized school year! Go get ’em kids and parents alike.


* Claim based on data reported by Nielsen Scantrack in Household Glass Cleaner category for 52 weeks ending 11/26/16. Total US XAOC. Copyright 2016. The Nielsen Company.







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Happy Healthy Pets – Jinx and Josie

Hey, everyone! It’s us, Jinx and Josie, we had a fun day at Kriser’s Natural Pet, and want to share how you can have happy healthy pets too.

Happy Healthy Pets

Jinx and Josie take their new harness leashes for a first run at

Kriser’s Natural Pet Store


We got new harness leashes! Is that a good thing? Jinx and I wondered. After all, we are just starting to have a little outside time in the gazebo. We like the fresh air, laying in the sunlight, smelling flowers from the potted plants, and chasing whatever bug crawls or flies by. But, if we are out too long, we start to get a little nervous.

Now, with these new harnesses, will mom, dad, and Rory want to take us out more often? Exercise is one thing, trash truck monsters are another! We hate Thursdays (that is when the big blue monsters roar loudly through the neighborhood, and give the trash cans a Disney ride with their massive claws). It’s scary!


An Adventure with Jinx & Josie:

We tried our harnesses on, and mom let us walk on the grass–that’s a weird feeling. LOL Next thing we knew, we were being placed in our kennel in the car. Yep, even pets need “car seats” for safe travel. We took our 20% OFF Coupon and headed to our local Kriser’s Natural Pet Store for a shopping spree! YIPPEE!!! What girl doesn’t love to go shopping.

Kriser’s is a really cool store that specializes in healthy, natural, and holistic items for your pet. Pets, like me and Jinx, are important members of any family, and Kriser’s wants to be sure they provide families with all they need to keep happy healthy pets.

The Kriser’s Pack (the people working in the store) were super friendly and oohed and awed over us. We both ate it up, especially Jinx…you know how he is. MEOW. But more importantly, the Pack was knowledgeable and willing to work with you to help you find the right products for your pet.

Quality and Safety are a priority in every product or service offered at Kriser’s with an emphasis on natural, holistic, nutritious, and healthy. Every product is hand-picked and approved by the founder and owner of Kriser’s Natural Pet.

Inside the Store:

Mom was impressed with how clean and well-organized the store was, and felt comfortable letting us explore the store on our harnesses, smelling and testing out everything we wanted. Let me tell you, there were some strange looking cats roaming around that store. Mom and Rory tried to explain that they were dogs, but we still thought they were strange looking cats.

During our adventure, we found a bed that is perfect for the two of us to cuddle in together, and some really cool toys too. Jinx’s favorite part was the loads of different types of food and treats, and the Pack was very willing to share the differences and benefits of each. You can definitely find one that will be perfect for you pet. And best of all, they are healthy and natural, a truly holistic way of caring for your pet. Your pets deserve the best, right? They even have a bakery section, COOKIES!

Kriser’s has supplements, chew toys (I think those strange cats mom keeps telling us are dogs like those a lot), and all sorts of pet supplies and accessories. They even have a beauty parlor! They call it grooming, but we all know that just means SPA DAY!

We couldn’t buy everything in one shopping trip, so we started our Christmas Wish List–one can never plan too early.

Look, we’re Movie Stars!:

Check out our video to see more of our super fun trip to Kriser’s Natural Pet Store.


Well, mom did not disappoint us. We got that wonderful bed that’s going to keep us cozy all winter long, and a few other things — a coon skin cap, a peacock feather butterfly, and a couple of Boinks (you can see Jinx’s blue one in the photo, I have a lavender one that I have stashed away for my own personal use), Open Farm grain-free cat food, and even some Primal Freeze-Dried Formula treats for those scary Thursdays, when the big blue monsters have gone.

You can GET A 20 % OFF COUPON. PLUS,  you will be placed automatically into a Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $200 gift card!


Take your pet to Kriser’s for a day of holistic health,  pampering and fun. Check out their website for special events. Having happy healthy pets is easy with Kriser’s Natural Pet! #KrisersHolisticHealth #HappyHealthyPets







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